Monitor Audio Introduces The All-New MASS Surround Sound

January 29, 2019

MASS Surround Sound
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All Round Entertainment

The new MASS Surround Sound system is designed to deliver full-scale audio fidelity from compact, elegant speaker cabinets that will augment any interior. Packing plenty of Monitor Audio’s acknowledged loudspeaker expertise inside a choice of sophisticated cloth covers, MASS is a discreet, stylish system capable of truly immersive sound.


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More Immersive Entertainment

More immersive movies, games and music

Quick and easy to set up, MASS brings a genuinely enthralling surround sound experience to any room - which means any room can be a state-of-the-art concert hall or cinema. All the clarity, all the drama, all the 360-degree excitement of your favourite games, films and music, and a new acoustic standard.

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MASS Subwoofer

Designed to fit any home

MASS comprises five high-performance satellite speakers and an equally capable subwoofer, bringing an entirely new level of performance and aesthetic elegance to the surround sound audio system. Available in Midnight (blue/black) or Mist (white/grey), bespoke cloth covers give the feel of a luxury piece of soft furnishing while remaining acoustically transparent.

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MASS Satellite on MASS Stand

Anywhere you want

Our MASS Satellite speakers can be placed around the room on surfaces or by using their unique and graceful MASS Stands*. Alternatively, MASS Satellite speakers can be mounted on-wall with our MASM Speaker Mount*.

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New MASS Available Spring 2019