TruAudio Wraith Series - Perfectly Invisible

June 17, 2019

TruAudio has announced the release of its new invisible speaker line, tagged the Wraith Series. The WR24 invisible loudspeaker and the WR40 subwoofer are available immediately in theUnited States, Canada, South American and Australian markets.

TruAudio’s Wraith Series is designed for the client that demands both acoustical and visual superiority. Leveraging proprietary exciter technology, the loudspeakers and subwoofers in this category provide both an engaging and dynamic listening experience. “I was shocked by the sub and the speakers are better than I expected. The Wraith Series are by far the best invisibles I have heard, by a long shot,” says Jay Sorrels, of Evolution AV based in Florida. The Wraith Series is extremely versatile in its ability to support both multiroom audio and surround applications as they literally disappear into any living space.

The new invisible WR24 loudspeaker, with its proprietary DML technology, only requires a mere 2mm of surface movement to produce impressively accurate high and mid-range frequencies. They ship installation ready in a mono configuration but can quickly and easily be converted to a single stereo configuration at the job site. Included with every loudspeaker is a passive limiter and crossover that can be installed at the rack or equipment closet. The WR40 ported subwoofer boasts a power rating of 250 watts and is sold exclusively with a TruAudio pre-programmed DSP amplifier (TRU-S500DSP). Both the WR24 and WR40 are designed to fit in standard 16” on-center wall studs.    

The Wraith Series is manufactured in Germany with an exclusive partnership with CeraSonar. “We are excited to work with TruAudio and see them as a great partner for the vastly expanding North American, South American and Australian markets,” says Ulrich Ranke, President of CeraSonar. “As a family business, we were looking for a trustworthy partner in the U.S. and have found that in TruAudio.”

“TruAudio has been wanting to add an invisible series to our lineup for years, but have not felt confident in the sound quality until now,” says Kary Wawrzyniak, Executive Vice President of Operations at TruAudio. “The Wraith series is the perfect solution for clients that are looking for superior sound and clean aesthetics.”

TruAudio designs and manufactures a full line of audio products sold exclusively through a dealer network and authorized distributors in over 60 countries. The company is headquartered in Hurricane, Utah, with distributing locations in the Netherlands and Atlanta.