Trinnov Webinar Series

May 16, 2020

Press Release

Please share our GoToStage link with anyone you know who might also be interested in our webinars. All of them have been recorded and are available to be watched at one's convenience. This same page also gives you access to registration for any upcoming webinars, including the one next week on Optimizer Graphs & Settings – the most-often requested topic we receive.


If you prefer to do your research at your own speed, when convenient, here are some resources you may be interested in:

  • Our website is
  • Please review this brief summary of the benefits Trinnov has, as compared to anyone else in the SSP space, as a result of our unique platform and technology.
  • We have a number of unique (and patented) technologies which allow us to do things that others simply cannot do, including:
    • Our unique 3D microphone allows us to determine the direction from which various sounds come, as the sound wave passes through the array of four mic capsules. This allows us to precisely locate the loudspeakers in the 3D space relative to the main listening position. (This information is essential to creating a seamless 3D sound field.)
    • As you may know, AtmosAuro-3D, and DTS:X all have significantly different ideas about speaker placement. We have an effective approach that reconciles these differences. It works incredibly well thanks in part to our proprietary 3D Remapping technology.
    • We also have a unique (and patented) Speaker/Room Optimizer that performs room correction on a level that is years ahead of anyone else. It is used throughout the production chain, from recording studios to dubbing stages to post-production houses, to commercial cinemas… and now in high-end residential systems.
  • We also have two eight-channel power amplifiers: 
    • The Amplitude8 is based on the Hypex nCore1200 modules with twin (big) linear power supplies. It is really two 4-ch amps in a single chassis. It delivers 500w at 2Ω, 375w at 4Ω and 225w@8Ω, all channels driven. Moreover, any single channel in either or both banks of four can deliver peaks of 1200w into 2Ω. This beast weighs in at a little over 100 lbs and competes sonically with stereo amplifiers costing just as much. (And more.)
    • The Amplitude8m is based on the Hypex nCore500 modules, also with a big linear power supply. It delivers 300w at 4Ω and 200w at 8Ω, all channels driven. Two AMP8m and an Altitude16 provide a complete, 16-ch solution including all our proprietary technology that takes up only 9U of space and is remarkably cost-effective. 
  • Finally, we also have music-focused (2-ch) products that incorporate all of our technology, for your clients who want a nice, dedicated music room.