Even small differences in the positioning of loudspeakers can have a significant impact on performance, especially on the soundstage focus and bass quality.

May 20, 2020

Even small differences in the positioning of loudspeakers can have a significant impact on performance, especially on the soundstage focus and bass quality.

DALI loudspeakers are capable of exceptional performance, but you need to experiment with placement in order to find the optimum position. Unfortunately, there are no exact rules regarding placement. Still, here are a few good guidelines:

1. Do not place objects between the speakers and the listening position. Obstructions to the free passage of sound will cause uneven frequency response and a poor stereo perspective. Though furniture plays an important part of your room acoustics.

2. The distance between the Left and Right speaker as well as the distance between each speaker and the central listening position should be identical. Even though DALI loudspeakers provide excellent performance at positions off axis, for serious, critical listening, we strongly recommend a central listening position.

3. Compact loudspeakers on stands or on bookshelves should be placed so that the top of the cabinet is barely visible from the listening position. If the speakers are placed much higher, it should be tilted forward or placed upside down. Compact speakers should never be placed directly on the floor!

4. Thanks to their excellent off-axis response, DALI speakers do not need to be angled towards the central listening position. They will in most cases sound best without any angling at all. This is due to the wide dispersion capabilities of our trademark Hybrid Tweeter technology.

5. The DALI center speakers is specifically tuned for placement near a TV screen. The DALI center speaker should be placed directly above or below the television.

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- Eric Olson



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