Starke Sound Introduces The AD4.320 Amplifier

January 20, 2021

The new Starke Sound AD4.320: flexibility, usability, performance and value

AD4.320 is a new 4-channel, Class D power amplifier designed and manufactured by Starke Sound of Los Angeles. Its strengths are flexibility, usability, performance and value. As our top priority is sound quality, we built upon our experience with the earlier D7-300 amp, determined to deliver true audiophile sound quality using the attractively efficient, Class D, switching amplifier design. We met this objective with an innovative combination of pure analog power supply and our proprietary NS600 amplifier module operating at a frequency of 600 kHz (D7-300 incorporated the Danish ICEpower modules). The AD4.320 is rated at 4 X 320 Watts rms per channel into 4 Ohms. It is stable with 2-Ohm loads. The amplifier can be bridged to provide greater power for use in 2 or 3-channel systems. Audio enthusiasts can now invest in an advanced, compact, high-power, sweet-sounding and affordable Class D amplifier with the versatility to address their needs in both two-channel and multi-channel applications.