PerListen Audio Is The First Audio Company To Bring The Powerful Sound Of THX® Certified Dominus Speakers To Home Theaters Around The Globe

Movie and Music Lovers Can Now Enjoy Undiluted, Room-filling Audio at THX Reference-level Volumes

February 9, 2021

Press Release

PerListen Audio, a new audio company founded by an all-star team of industry professionals, today announced its intention to develop and bring to market a full line of THX® Certified Dominus loudspeakers, bridging the gap between large home theater speakers and those used in movie theaters worldwide. PerListen Audio is the first audio company to include THX Certified Dominus in its product line, both in the US and around the globe, to bring a truly cinematic experience to the home.

“From distortion-free sonics to overall impact, Dominus is a remarkable engineering achievement,” said Dan Roemer, chief executive officer of PerListen Audio. “It’s truly a privilege to work with THX on its home theater technology. PerListen Audio is the first company to offer the demonstrable benefits of Dominus to demanding music and movie lovers across the globe.”

Dominus is the newest and the largest performance class of THX Certification, meant to bridge the gap between large home theater speakers and those used in commercial movie theaters and exhibits. Home theater owners with rooms up to 184 cubic meters of space and up to a 6-meter viewing distance (or up to 6500 cubic feet and up to 20 feet, respectively) can fill their entertainment space with the superior audio quality they expect from THX Certified products. This translates to quieter whispers, bigger booms, and everything in-between at a greater distance for the enjoyment of premium content in the comfort of your own home.

“We are thrilled to partner with PerListen, the pioneer in this space, to bring cinematic audio to home theaters. We developed the THX Certified Dominus performance class to fill even the most extensive home theaters with sound. Since we’re THX, these new speakers need to be more than just loud,” said Peter Vasay, general manager and senior vice president, THX home theater division. “During our rigorous testing process, we pay special attention to distortion levels at high volumes. With Dominus, we push this to the extreme to ensure the best output for hearing content as close as possible to the original creation.”

Specifically, for the THX Dominus testing, these speakers are subjected to 120 dB sound pressure levels where they must keep distortion to a minimum. Dominus speakers must also be sensitive enough to reach the cinematic THX Reference Level with THX Certified Dominus, and certain THX Certified Ultra power amplifiers. The 92 dB sensitivity requirement for THX Certified Dominus loudspeakers is the most sensitive of any THX loudspeaker category.

PerListen Audio debuted THX Certified Dominus technology in its two CES 2021 introductions -- the flagship tower speaker, S7t, and D212s subwoofer, and an additional eight models that will be introduced to the North American market in Q2 ’21.

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