MM710 Brings Added Functionality, Ease of Use to the Popular 700 Series Line; Better Mount for Same Price

November 5, 2021

Press Release

MantelMount, the premier, award-winning mounting option for flatscreen televisions, announces the addition of the MM710 to the company’s extensive lineup of manual pulldown mounts.

The MM710 includes many of the features from the original and highly popular Pro Series product, the MM700, along with upgrades that will improve the TV-viewing experience. This gives dealers a superior mount at the same price point as the MM700. And exclusive availability through the dealer network makes it an excellent product for all dealers to include in their lineup.

The most notable upgrade in the new MM710 is the enhanced movement, increasing its versatility. In fact, the included SRE00 Side Swivel Kit gives the MM710 an extended swivel range of up to 80 degrees in each direction, making the TV easily visible from anywhere in the room.

The MM710 is also the first Pro Series mount that provides a vertical tilt (9 degrees). This allows more options in TV adjustment, as well as helping to reduce glare.

Featuring heavy-duty, 3MM steel construction, the MM710 maintains all of the popular features of the MM700, including up to a 26-inch vertical drop. It can handle TVs with a weight capacity up to 115 lbs., and 50”-90” in size. VESA compatibility is up to 600mm x 600mm. Other features from the MM700 incorporated into the MM710 include:

  • Patented Enhanced Stabilization
  • Built-in Sound Bar Attachment
  • Heat-Sensing Handles
  • Vertical and Horizontal Travel Stops (to assure the TV doesn’t hit the mantel or wall)
  • Cable Management tabs to keep wires organized and out of the way
  • Auto-Straightening

What’s more, with the optional RB100 Recess Kit, users can achieve a 1.75" Flush-To-Wall distance for an even more appealing mounting position. A lifetime limited consumer warranty is included.

Michael Smith, VP of Wholesale Operations for MantelMount, said that the new mount is the natural evolution of a product that is already extremely popular.

“The dealer community really loves the MM700,” he noted. “It’s a well-built, extremely durable mount that offers a wide range of features and, more importantly, a great revenue stream.

“But we’re always looking to improve our products, both for consumers and dealers. For consumers, the MM710 provides even more functionality and ease of use. For dealers, the MM710 is a better product than the MM700 for the same price. And exclusive availability through the dealer network makes it an excellent revenue generator.”