The Latest Model to Create a Complete Home Cinematic Experience

September 14, 2022

Press Release

McIntosh is proud to announce the XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker, a

critical component to perfect any home theater system, complementing the brand’s iconic XRT2.1K or XRT1.1K Floor-
Standing Loudspeakers, and voiced to match them to ensure impeccable sonic imagery with clear, high-quality sound.

The center channel speaker is a critical component within a home theater due to the vast amount of dialog that emanates
from it, and it must work seamlessly with the front left and right speakers to create a cohesive soundstage as sounds
move from one side to the other. Rated to handle 1,500-Watts of power, the XCS1.5K is a unique hybrid of a 3 and 4-way

speaker and can be used with a variety of McIntosh home theater processors and amplifiers to make a complete high-
performance home theater experience.

• 43 individual speaker drivers
• Four 8” long throw carbon fiber sandwich cone woofers housed in a vented bass cabinet
• Fourteen 2.5" aluminum midranges
• Twenty-five 3⁄4" dome tweeters
• Can be tilted to one of five preset angles to be optimally aimed to the listening position
• Three sets of Solid CinchTM speaker binding posts that allow for bi/tri-amping or bi- or tri-wiring
• Strategic driver selection and detailed crossover design to create a wider sound field
• High current capacity capacitors and inductors
• Removable black knit cloth speaker grille
• Finished with 7 layers of high gloss piano black paint
• Classic McIntosh design elements

The XCS1.5K will be available via Authorized McIntosh Dealers beginning October 2022, retailing for $40,000 USD.