Seymour-Screen Excellence Debuts Universal Lateral Motorized Film Screen Masking System At 2022 CEDIA Expo

Seymour’s Retro Masking System Adds Motorized 16:9 Masking to Any Film Screen Brand’s Native Scope Fixed Frame Film Screen

September 27, 2022

Press Release

Seymour-Screen Excellence, the made-in-the-USA brand that specializes in pure reference-grade woven-fabric acoustically transparent film screen systems -- from fixed frame to the most elaborate motorized masking systems -- is unveiling it Retro Masking System to CEDIA channel home theater designers and installers at this month's CEDIA Expo. (Sound Room SR2, outside wall)

Retro Masking System is a purpose-built custom solution to add motorized 16:9 masking to any brand’s 2.40:1 fixed-frame screen. For clientele already in love with their native scope ratio screen, from any manufacturer, the Retro Masking System offers a simple solution for adding a layer of sophistication to a theater. 

“Simply put, the Seymour Retro Masking System is born from home theater enthusiasts wanting to have the motorized masking experience added to their 2.40 native screen. Until now the only other way to achieve this was to upgrade to a new film screen and motorized system (costly), or adapt magnetic masking panels that snap into place. While these are effective (in fact Seymour offers these) they are far from the experience of operating the masking via remote control or home automation system as with Retro Masking System,” said Seymour-Screen Excellence Director of Operations Evan Zerby.

Key aspects of Retro Masking System are:

•            This is a finely-engineered solution that attaches to ANY BRAND'S frame

•            Tight tolerances prevent mask shadowing

•            Proprietary fabric delivers crisp masking edges

•            Black velvet covering of masking housing blends with frame

•            Accommodates screens up to 288-inches wide

•            Multiple control options

•            Made-in-USA

The Retro Masking System is so unique that it has already received a Best of Show award to be announced during the 2022 CEDIA Expo.

Seymour-Screen Excellence first unveiled Retro Masking System at this summer’s MWave show where it was hailed as “A Game Changer” by popular DIY home theater personality Youthman. See the system in operation here:   

MSRP for Retro Masking System is $1,295.