Screen Excellence Introduces The Visionaire USTAT Ultra-Short Throw Acoustically Transparent Screen

December 16, 2023

Press Release


The first Ford V8 engine.
Things are deemed impossible until someone does it. It happens over and over.

Ultra-short throw (UST) projection screens  are also ALR.
They are made of a Fresnel prism carved in a thick plastic sheet. This implies that they cannot be Acoustically Transparent.

UST projection is gaining huge momentum in living room AV installations, mainly because it is so easy and convenient.
However, a non-A.T. screen compromises the  performance.  It is an accepted limit.

Well, so far.

Now we are launching the Visionaire USTAT. This innovative (patent pending) projection surface from Screen Excellence is a game changer.

Visionaire USTAT on the left, Enlightor Neo on the right. Please note: If you dim the light, the difference vanishes.If you use a long-throw projector, the difference vanishes as well.
Visionaire USTAT is a high-contrast screen surface dedicated to UST projection, and – uniquely – it is totally Acoustically Transparent.
From now on, you will be able to install the front loudspeakers behind an ambient light screen in a UST configuration. You will  benefit
from the ALR characteristic of the screen when the incident light beam comes with the typical angle of UST projectors.
Users will enjoy essential sound and image coherence, the #1 condition for a real cinematic experience.
With this new screen, UST projection will enter the realm of true Home Cinema. Don't call it "Laser TV" any more.
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