J Porter Studios Announce New Waterloo And Wellington Loudspeaker Systems

June 7, 2024


About the Waterloo and Wellington Loudspeaker Systems

1. Waterloo: compact passive bookshelf or large powered floor standing options will be available ($2,498-$7,498/ea) directly from starting June 9th

o The Waterloo loudspeaker system represents the pinnacle of audio engineering by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship.

  • ?  Diffraction optimized Design: no equal panel sizes or shape allows each panel to have its own unique resonant frequency, eliminating internal standing waves and reducing reflections, while optimizing internal and external diffractions and aesthetics

  • ?  MLTL architecture: Massloadedtransmissionline,at the heart of the waterloo is a 62” mass loaded transmission line that is internally folded five times to capture unwanted mid and high frequency reflections, while extending bass output

  • ?  Advanceddistortionreduction: The Waterloo employs a comprehensive full system approach to minimize distortion, addressing every aspect from physical wave propagation and cabinet and driver construction to amplifier technologies and proprietary techniques and materials, all to deliver a harmonious audio experience.

  • ?  Full frequency: The Waterloo’s built-in composite metallic 3-driver system features a 220mm subwoofer, 220mm midwoofer, and 26mm tweeter to fully cover the entire audio spectrum.

  • ?  DigitalPower: up to1200 watts/ch of Advanced HypexN-coredigital amplification technology delivers unparalleled clarity, power, and efficiency.

  • ?  End game results and connectivity: The Waterloo provides WiFi, Bluetooth streaming, XLR, RCA, or optical inputs, combining new technology with old-world craftsmanship for an all-in-one audio solution for technology enthusiasts and audio professionals alike.

2. Wellington: compact or large floor standing options available ($8,650-9,650/ea)

o The Wellington builds upon The Waterloo’s foundation improving diffraction & efficiency providing a testament to elegance and performance.

o Key features beyond the Waterloo

  • ?  SleekAesthetics: The Wellington further enhances diffraction optimization both internally and externally while featuring a meticulously applied, multi-layer finish. This creates a deep, lustrous shine, delivering a stunning visual appearance and signifying its high-end quality, blending audio excellence with exceptional craftsmanship.

  • ?  High-Efficiency, High-Resolution Sound: With top-of-the-line precision-engineered drivers the Wellington delivers 98db/watt efficiency allowing amplifiers of all shapes and sizes to deliver lifelike sound reproduction.

  • ?  Flexibility: The Wellington adds speaker inputs wired directly to an internal passive crossover with the flip of a switch to toggle between 600 watts of in-cabinet or external amplification.

  • ?  Craftsmanship: Each Wellington speaker is meticulously handcrafted and tested in house in Austin, TX from the finest natural materials, ensuring exceptional fit, finish and sound quality.

  • ?  Versatility: Whether for casual or critical listening, home theater, or mixing and mastering studio applications, the Wellington excels.