One Disc to Try to Compete With DualDisc

Audio Video News - Jerry Del Colliano


The designer of the DualDisc, Dieter Dierks, who is also reportedly involved in a legal battle over patent issues with WEA, announced a new disc format called One Disc. The One Disc format showcases Dieter Dierksí DVDPlus technology, as it combines a full capacity CD on one side and a full capacity DVD on the other side. The creator claims the format has no compatibility issues with existing hardware and can be played or viewed in the standard CD or DVD player including, but not limited to, computers and home theater systems. News of a competing format comes as all four of the major record labels have agreed to release as many as 50 DualDisc titles in time from the upcoming holiday season. Seemingly the feature sets of the DualDisc and OneDisc are similar in that the both feature a CD side and a DVD side. RIAA sales numbers from 2003 suggest that one of the bright spots in the music business is the sale of music with video content. Early adopters, audiophiles and record executives alike must be sighing a collective ìhere we go againî with the introduction of a format to potentially compete with DualDisc. It took an immense legal and logistical effort to get the four majors to agree to consider DualDisc. Now a new technology wants to compete before there is an established marketplace. Unlike the now failed SA-CD project, DualDisc has the support of all of the majors. OneDisc has a handful of titles from a small indy label. Even the might of Sony Electronics paired with Sony music couldnít make SA-CD fly. It is unlikely that OneDisc will, unless there is something so technologically superior that the four majors want to adopt it over DualDisc. Time will tell. DualDiscs are reportedly coming to record stores and online retailers in less than one month.