ARCAM DiVA DV137 - 1080p Upscaling Universal DVD Player - $1999.00

built for HDTV home cinema & audiophile music - fully specified for custom install

May 26, 2006

The all new DV137 is Arcam's latest DVD player and their first universal player. It incorporates not only a host of new features, but also picture and sound quality that will impress even the most demanding enthusiast and that challenges competitors at far higher price points MD Charlie Brennan commented; "The DV137 is the result of the most intensive development project Arcam has ever undertaken. The company's unique partnership with Zoran, in which our engineers worked hard to ensure that every single processing element was of audiophile and videophile quality, has allowed us to be first to the market with this brand-new processor. We can now deliver universal music replay, stunning overall video performance and even better CD sound quality. This is a truly universal player and a great reason not to be a beta-tester for BluRay or HD-DVD." - a true high-performance universal player using the latest generation Zoran Vaddis 888S core processing engine - Arcam is the first in the world to use this chipset which handles universal replay and delivers stunning results - broadcast quality video circuitry and state-of-the-art upscaling technology from Anchor Bay - very competitive pricing for a DVD player in this performance class Arcam was one of the first companies in the world to develop high performance DVD players and now enjoys an enviable reputation for excellence in the field. It is recognized as one of the very few specialist manufacturers to design and manufacture its own players from the ground up. This player's performance stems from more than the headline technology. The DV137 includes Arcam's 'Mask of Silence' EMC damping technology, an audiophile-grade toroidal transformer, optimised circuit board layout and a wealth of subtle tweaks and proprietary design techniques that stem from Arcam's long history of cutting edge DVD and audio design. - brand-new ABT1010 video scaler to 720p, 768p, 1080i, 1080p - this is the best scaling currently available - DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CD audio, SACD audio, DiVX video playback - exceptionally high-quality motion adaptive progressive scan - HDMI digital video/audio output - NEW on-board video setup wizard for user video display calibration ensures best performance from all types of display - 'always-on' composite and SCART video - audiophile sound quality from all disc formats for movies and music - NEW CR515 handset, a sleek new design >>>>> - NEW OSD improved - the new user interface features full colour graphics and easy to use menus The DV137 is designed and manufactured in the UK. Launch is scheduled for late May 2006. The picture Using the very latest Zoran Vaddis 888S core processor, Anchor Bay’s upscaling technology and Arcam’s broadcast quality circuitry, the picture from the DV137 is quite simply stunning. Zoran’s motion adaptive deinterlacing techniques mean pictures are pure, clean and startlingly detailed. The internal video scaling engine allows the DV137 to supply high resolution pictures direct to the screen using its HDMI output, in many cases bypassing the low cost scaling chips fitted inside most of today’s digital video displays. The resolution options include 768p for direct input to 1366 x 768 pixel displays. The player delivers constant two channel audio and composite video for other zones, plus a constant RGB SCART feed. This means that the player can be setup with HDMI and scaling for plasmas etc and easily feed standard TVs at the same time. For dual layer discs, extended buffer memory means no pause during the layer change of most DVDs. The sound To complement the superior video circuitry, Arcam’s development team has drawn on its 30 years of audiophile design experience, resulting in exemplary audio performance no matter what type of disc is playing or output used. Ultra high precision clocking, Wolfson 8740 DACs and low noise power supplies ensure CD playback is of true audiophile standard and will captivate all who love music. The DVD-Audio decoding also benefits from the DV137's world-class design and in addition, for the first time from Arcam, SACD discs benefit from full resolution playback giving the DV137 a truly universal appeal. Features and install capability A stylish new remote handset is included (the CR515) and, for more complex control systems, a full duplex RS232 interface is fitted. A full suite of RC5 remote control codes gives discrete control of toggle commands such as on/off. A separate set of “Always On” stereo audio plus composite and RGB SCART video outputs feed a constant signal for distribution to other zones no matter what other outputs are doing. NEW and UNIQUE feature - Built-in video display calibration It is a sad fact that most video displays come supplied to look good under bright, harsh retail lighting in an aim to sell more TVs! In reality these settings are completely inappropriate for a consumer’s home and thus to maximise the performance from any video display a simple video calibration procedure should be undertaken. Unfortunately this rarely happens unless the display is installed by a specialist retailer. To ensure that Arcam customers enjoy optimum video quality, Arcam has built a simple calibration routine into the DV137. The display wizard directs the user through four simple steps to correctly calibrate any display for Brightness, Contrast, Color and Sharpness. Simple test patterns embedded in the player are used in conjunction with a supplied blue filter, to ensure that each DV137 delivers of its best. Video - Zoran Vaddis 888S processor with built-in per pixel motion adaptive progressive scan engine- ABT1010 Advanced 10bit video scaler (supporting 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 768p to HDMI out) - Internal video setup wizard for calibrating display to DVD player (Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness & Color)- RGB SCART and component video outputs – latter supports both 525p and 625p video - HDMI video output, supporting the following formats: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 768p, 1080i, 1080p - Dedicated 768p output for 768 line screens with appropriate HDMI input- No Chroma Upsampling Error (CUE) - NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC conversion - High quality zoom function with 1.25 and 1.5 settings to fill 'wrong aspect ratio' screens - 'Always On' composite video output for multi-room applications- 6 x 11 bit 216 MHz Analog Devices video DACs - for simultaneous output of interlaced component (or RGB), S-Video and composite video - RGB, component and composite buffered 75 ohm video outputs, capable of driving long cables without distortion - Supports DVD-Video, VCD, SVCD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW discs plus CD, SACD, MP3, WMA, DiVX, Photo CD and JPEGsDigital Audio - Dolby Digital, DTS, CD, plus stereo and multi-channel DVD-Audio and SACD playback - 32bit Zoran audio DSP for optimum fidelity- Top of the line 24bit 192kHz Wolfson WM8740 DACs for all 6 audio channels - Global audio delay manager, 0-150ms, for perfect lip sync with digital processors / displays - Comprehensive bass management supported for most audio formats, including variable crossover frequencies from 50-150Hz in 10Hz steps, plus loudspeaker delay and level setting - Ultra-low jitter audio clock circuitry - State of the art audiophile CD replay from a DVD player, including HDCD decoding - Quick and easy SACD/CD hybrid layer change for fast comparisons - Replays MP3 and WMA files from CD, with dedicated on-screen browser - Coaxial, optical and HDMI digital audio outputs support 2-channel PCM up to 24bit / 96kHz (HDMI V1.1 up to 6ch 24bit 192kHz PCM), plus DTS and Dolby Digital streams - Dual laser DVD drive reads CD-R/RW discs and most copy protected audio CDsCustom Install features - Full duplex RS232 control and RC-5 remote input jack- Full suite of discrete IR RC-5 codes, including separate on / off etc - 'Always On' stereo audio down-mix outputs available from CD/DVD/DVD-A for audio distribution - 'Always On' composite and RGB SCART video always available for video distributionGeneral - Extended internal buffer memory means no DVD layer change delays - 4-layer fiberglass main circuit board for best audio and video performance- Arcam-designed mixed mode power supply (linear for audio switched for digital & video) - Over spec Toroidal mains transformer- Arcam 'Mask of Silence' EMC damping technology - Sturdy all metal cabinet construction from heavy gauge steel and aluminium - Front panel 'Navi' button simplifies disc navigation when not using remote control - New stylish remote control, type CR515 - Size: (WxDxH) 430 x 290 x 85mm (16.15/16 x 11.7/16 x 3.3/8 inches) - Weight: 5.2kg (11lbs) net - The DiVA range is available in silver or black.

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