Adult Film Industry May Determine Victor In High Definition DVD Format Wars Sells First Ever Adult Blu-ray High-Definition DVD

April 17, 2007, a well-know adult internet site but relatively small adult video producer, announces that it became the first adult studio to release adult content on Blu-ray, the Sony-backed DVD disc, delivering its Jenna Haze Oil Orgy in true 1080 High-Definition video. found a way to work around Sony’s resistance to allowing adult content to migrate to the Blu-ray formula. Only eight companies in the world can replicate Blu-ray discs, and two are controlled by Sony. Five others replicate discs for Disney, and their arrangement with Disney stipulates that they cannot handle adult films. Nevertheless, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), which oversees the licensing of the technology, says it has not banned anyone from using the format. Marty Gordon, vice chair of the BDA, has been quoted as saying there is no mandate against adult material on the Blu-ray format. Twenty-five years ago, Sony’s Betamax went head to head against the VHS format for supremacy in the home videotape market. Although Betamax was widely considered the superior technology, VHS emerged the victor, partly because of the support of the adult entertainment industry. Back then, Sony tried to block adult material from appearing in the Betamax format, so the adult film industry turned to VHS. During the 1980s, the VCR and video rental markets exploded, enhancing the market for adult entertainment—and vice versa. Today, many vouch for Blu-ray’s technical superiority, but the victor in this high-definition duel will probably be the one that has formed the most useful partnerships with the consumer electronics and film industries, including the adult entertainment industry. According to Adult Video News (AVN) the “Variety” of the adult film industry, the adult entertainment industry took in nearly $13 billion last year, with adult videos accounting for $3.6 billion of those revenues, despite fierce competition from adult material available on the Internet. The first adult titles in high-def DVD were in the HD DVD format. Jenna Haze Oil Orgy already exists in that format, as well as in WMV HD Media and standard DVD. But the high definition format wars are far from over, and as CTO Manny Ulele said, “We don’t want to rule out Blu-ray. It’s a great format, and we want to be positioned to produce our content in all viable formats for our clients. Besides, PC3 supports Blu-ray, and that might turn out to be a key factor in determining which format becomes the most popular in the long run.”’ Jenna Haze Oil Orgy is available in four different formats: Blu-ray, HD DVD, WMV HD Media, and standard DVD. Interested retailers should contact the sales department at American Xcess. The Blu-ray and HD DVD movies can be purchased online at About and Productions will be celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year. has always been a leader in video technology, having its first downloadable MPEG video in 1998 and its first downloadable HD video in July of 2005. This month announced its 100th high definition online video, and with the May 1 release of its third HD-DVD/Blu-Ray title, is becoming the leader in the adult high definition video arena. For more information, please visit

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