Goldmund Brings The Epilogue Speaker System To The Goldmund Media Room

Ultimate Audiophile Speaker Now Available for In-Wall Media Room Installations [The following is a release from Goldmund]

May 1, 2008

Goldmund, makers of the world’s most extravagant and technologically advanced systems for audio-video purists, have created a new version of their Epilogue flagship speaker system that is being built specifically for use in the Goldmund Media Room. Introduced in 1995, the original Epilogue Speaker System met the demands of Goldmund’s most discerning audiophile customers seeking a very high-end home theater system. Featuring the same subtle sonic quality found in its predecessor - the Apologue, while also reproducing realistic theater levels, the Goldmund Epilogue has become an elite speaker system in the audiophile marketplace. Installed throughout the world in two-channel and multi-channel settings, the Epilogue system was not included in the Goldmund Media Room, which debuted in 2007, because of size constraints involved in wall mounting or concealed in-wall speakers. The latest creation from the Geneva-based company now brings the illustrious qualities of the Epilogue Speaker System matched with the acoustic perfection found inside the walls of the Goldmund Media Room. “When we first introduced the Goldmund Media Room, many of our loyal customers were skeptical about moving away from their beloved freestanding Epilogue system. We’ve addressed their concerns by bringing the crown jewel of our product line inside the walls of the Goldmund Media Room,” said Michel Reverchon, president of Goldmund. “Many have experienced the Goldmund Media Room prior to the addition of the Epilogue system and have called it ‘perfection,’ today we have taken perfection to a brand new level.” The price of the Goldmund Epilogue Speaker System for use in the Goldmund Media Room is comparable to its freestanding counterpart, starting at $300,000 per stereo pair. Goldmund products range in price from $16,900 for the recently released Eidos 20BD blu-ray player up to $550,000, the entry price for the Goldmund Media Room. Additional information can be accessed by visiting the Goldmund website at The Goldmund Media Room in Los Angeles is available for select demonstrations by appointment.

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