The LCD TV Association Launches GreenTV Program

Association's Program Focuses on Helping LCD TV Manufacturers and Brands Reduce Power Consumption of LCD TVs [The following is a release from the LCD TV Association]

May 2, 2008

The LCD TV Association, a global, not-for-profit, marketing trade association formed to help the entire LCD supply chain, retail channel and consumers, recently launched its GreenTV logo program to help focus LCD TV manufacturers and brands on reducing the power consumption of LCD TVs and raising consumer awareness. "We believe LCD TVs already consume the least energy to build, use and dispose of, but we want to make them even better in the future and have a lighter 'carbon footprint' on the Earth by having the most recyclable parts and highest possible energy efficiencies. This will involve the use of less heavy metals, ambient light sensors and smarter electronics very soon, as well as more LED backlights with spatial and content-based dimming and energy savings over time, and many other improvements," noted Bruce Berkoff, Chairman of the LCD TV Association. The first step in the LCD TV Association's GreenTV Program is to work with major TV vendors to implement and promote ambient light sensors, which will automatically lower the set brightness in a dark room by decreasing power to the backlight--thus saving energy and actually reducing potential eyestrain as well. This can reduce power consumption by at least 30%. Participants in the program will be awarded with the right to use the Association's unique GreenTV logo on products, packaging and advertising material. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has estimated that in the U.S. alone, over 4 Terawatt-hours of electricity were consumed by TVs in 2005. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will introduce their popular and effective "ENERGY STAR" program in the U.S. for flat TVs by the end of 2008, further highlighting the growing importance of promotion and education in these energy conservation efforts. The "ENERGY STAR" program also takes into account the use of this type of ambient sensor to save energy. Ross Young, Governor of the LCD TV Association's Advisory Board, stated, "We are highly supportive of the various global programs to increase energy efficiencies in TVs and want to work with the whole supply chain to help reduce the environmental impact of the growing LCD TV market. We see great advances being made." "As homes add LCD TVs to more rooms, and as the average TV screen size continues to increase, power consumption will become an even bigger concern, unless the industry takes steps like the GreenTV logo program to help make TVs more energy efficient," Berkoff concluded. Additional announcements on the LCD TV Association's specific progress in this area and related products from member companies will follow in the coming quarters.

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