December 16, 2010

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Full HD 3D technology, today announced that its VIERA TC-P50VT25 Full HD 3D Plasma TV won two prestigious TV Innovation Awards in the categories of 3D Technology and TV Performance. The awards were announced during the TV 3.0 - Innovations in TV Content & Delivery show, held December 7-8 in Los Angeles. The TV Innovation Awards honor the most groundbreaking companies in the television space shaping the future of the medium in 14 different categories. Panasonic's critically-acclaimed VIERA TC-P50VT25 Full HD 3D Plasma TV has set the standard for Full HD 3D home entertainment offering viewers an immersive home entertainment experience unlike any other. Working seamlessly with Panasonic’s Active Shutter Eyewear, the VIERA VT25 creates a viewing experience the lets consumers step inside the action for a new level of viewing realism. Not all 3D TV is created equal. With Panasonic Plasma’s short-stroke phosphor and Infinite Black Panel Pro (5,000,000:1 native contrast) technologies, Full HD 3D imagery is delivered by the VIERA TC-P50VT25 Full HD 3D Plasma TV in stunning realism and vivid clarity to create a truly immersive experience that makes the viewer feel they have stepped in to the program they are watching. Panasonic Plasma, which has inherent advantages for moving picture resolution, addresses the image quality problems and blurring that are common in other 3D systems ensuring that the 3D picture has the same high definition resolution that consumers enjoy in Full HD 2D. Full HD uses Frame Sequential Technology. For a true Full 1080p 3D image, Panasonic’s VT25 features new, faster screen phosphors (short-stroke) which, when coupled with the VT25’s 600Hz sub-field drive, outputs alternating 1920x1080 Full HD imagery at 60 frames per second to each eye. Working in unison with the required Active Shutter Eyewear, the human brain combines the images and interprets them as a Full HD 3D image for the highest possible realistic visual experience; mimicking what the human eye sees in real life. About the TV Innovation Awards: As the TV industry evolves to a true on-demand experience, with users able to access extensive libraries of content to be viewed at a time and place and on the device of their choosing, many new challenges and opportunities are presented. The goal of the TV Innovation Awards is to recognize the most forward thinking companies who are creating products and services that are driving this new TV paradigm. Judged by an independent panel of industry experts and administered by IMS Research, these awards provide companies the opportunity to showcase their innovative product or solution to a wide and diverse audience. About Panasonic 3D Technology: Panasonic’s Full HD 3D VIERA® Plasma TVs1 include five screens sizes – 42-inch class (41.6” measured diagonally), 46-inch (46.0” measured diagonally), 50-inch class (49.9” measured diagonally), 54-inch class (54.1 inches diagonal), 58-inch class (58.0 inches diagonal) and 65-inch class (64.7 inches diagonal). In addition, Panasonic also offers three professional Full HD 3D Plasma monitors in 85-inch class (85.3 diagonal inches), 103-inch class (102.5 diagonal inches) and a soon-to-be-released 152-inch class (152 diagonal inches) – the world’s largest Plasma display. All Panasonic VIERA and professional Full HD 3D TV models are also Full HD TVs that display pristine 1080p content in two dimensions (2D) for conventional HD viewing. Panasonic’s range of Full HD 3D VIERA Plasma HDTVs (VT and GT Series), when coupled with Panasonic’s Blu-ray 3D DiscTM players (DMP-BDT100, DMP- BDT300, DMP-BDT350) bring a new era of immersive visual entertainment into consumers’ homes, by creating a 3D experience that easily rivals the best that can be seen in cinemas. In addition, this year Panasonic and DIRECTV ushered in a new age in the rapid growth of 3D entertainment for the home with the launch of n3DTM powered by Panasonic – a DIRECTV channel dedicated exclusively to 3D programming. n3D powered by Panasonic is now available at no additional cost to millions of DIRECTV HD customers and features a range of sports and entertainment programming exclusively in 3D. Panasonic is the exclusive presenting sponsor of DIRECTV’s n3D channel, one of three 3D TV channels from DIRECTV that deliver movies, sports and entertainment content from some of the world’s most renowned 3D producers. In July 2010, Panasonic took the 3D era to a new level for consumers with the unveiling of the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, Panasonic’s first consumer 3D camcorder, which includes a 3D conversion lens that enables the camcorder to shoot powerful and true-to-life 3D video content and play it back on 3D-capable HDTVs2 and the LUMIX GH2 digital still camera with an interchangeable 3D lens for capturing still photos in immersive 3D. Panasonic was awarded the 2010 Charles Wheatstone Award by the International 3D Society for its leadership in educating consumers and professionals about 3D technology and driving the development of 3D technology around the world. For more information on Panasonic’s Full HD 3D technology, visit .

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