Widescreen Review And SpectraCal Create The Widescreen Store To Bring Video Excellence To Home Theatre Enthusiasts

January 10, 2011

Widescreen Review, the voice of the home theatre enthusiast for 19 years, and SpectraCal, LLC, premier supplier of video calibration software, hardware, and training, announced today they are creating a joint on-line store to help bring a better viewing experience to more homes. The Widescreen Store will offer an unprecedented range of home theatre products designed to improve video fidelity. “For 19 years, video enthusiasts have trusted Widescreen Review to teach them what makes better, truer, pictures,” says Joshua Quain, SpectraCal’s Marketing Director. “Now they can turn to a source of video products with the same authority and integrity.” The Widescreen Store will help home viewers see films exactly the way they were intended to be seen. “Filmmakers work for years to get their movies to look exactly the way they want,” explains Gary Reber, Widescreen Review’s founder and Editor-In-Chief. “Don’t you want to see the same movie the director made?” he asks. Among the first products featured on The Widescreen Store are SpectraCal’s innovative low-cost digital pattern generator, the DPG-1400, which brings home users a level of power and convenience previously available only to professional video calibrators; SpectraCal’s inexpensive but highly accurate colorimeters; and an infrared controller that will allow automation of Blu-ray Disc and DVD players. Anchor Bay’s revolutionary video processor, the DVDO iScan Duo, is offered at an exceptionally low price, together with software that can directly control the iScan Duo’s functions, including its color management system (CMS). “This combination of hardware and software power allows the home user to create image quality previously only available in the highest-end home theaters,” Quain says. Quain said that The Widescreen Store will continue to add products as new technologies become available. All products on The Widescreen Store are priced at a significant discount to their retail price from the manufacturers and elsewhere. About Widescreen Review Widescreen Review defies the trend capitalized on by traditional audio/video-oriented publications, with a clearly defined focus on home entertainment’s future—high-definition widescreen digital surround home theatre presentations—both hardware and software—and the supporting technology. Our mission is to educate our readers as to component selection and system setup considerations that are aimed at “the best that it can be” home theatre experience. We are advocates at heart for the advancement of quality audio and video performance, and we believe that consumers want to understand the technologies and approaches that will provide an optimum widescreen digital surround home theatre experience. About SpectraCal SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays: the award-winning software CalMAN, a wide range of colorimeters and spectrophotometers for accurate color measurement, the best available test pattern sources, and a comprehensive education program. CalMAN Professional is the color calibration software used by nearly all professional video calibrators. CalM AN Home allows home theatre enthusiasts to take control of their own systems. SpectraCal Press Contact: Joshua Quain SpectraCal, LLC +1 425 471 3003 Widescreen Review Press Contact: Gary Reber Widescreen Review +1 951 676 4914

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