New 3D Entertainment Report: 450 Percent Increase In 3D Screens In 18 Months

January 19, 2011

A new report by DIGDIA explains the 3D Entertainment ecosystem, from movie production to consumer products. 3D made a big splash a year ago, and it is still going strong. In mid-2009 there were about 5,000 3D movie screens worldwide. Now there are over 22,300 3D screens worldwide. This is an increase of nearly 450 percent in 18 months. There continues to be growth in 3D movie titles, too. The first digital 3D movie was Disney’s Chicken Little in 2005. The number of digital 3D movie titles has nearly doubled every year since. In 2010 the number of 3D titles was just over 30. The number of announced 3D titles for 2011 is now approaching 60. There is an explosion of 3D consumer electronics products, too. A year ago the market got excited with the introduction of 3D TVs and Blu-ray players. With a couple of small exceptions, 3D products from major brands were limited to just these two product categories. This year at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show the market saw the introduction of products in at least 17 product categories. New 3D products ranged from camcorders to picture frames to notebooks and tablets. And, while more is needed, there is going to be a lot more 3D to watch. In addition to all the personal 3D video people will take, in 2011 we will see ESPN’s 3D channel go 24/7; and Discovery’s 3D Channel, also 24/7, will finally turn on. There will even be a 3D channel from Penthouse. Despite the writings of some people that say 3D was last year’s disappointment, the industry is pushing ahead. The 3D industry is still very young, so if it is not as big as some predicted, keep in mind that many things really only got started half a year ago. 2010 saw a lot of progress. That said, there is still a lot the industry needs to do. A new 266 page report from DIGDIA details the complete 3D Entertainment ecosystem, pointing out the practical realities the industry is facing and the opportunities companies have for growth. Download an excerpt at There is also a complementary white paper that you are welcome to download.

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