Increased Capacity Leads to Lower Prices on New 23-23 Screens

February 3, 2011

dnp denmark, the world's leading supplier of optical screen technology has recently enlarged their manufacturing capability for the Supernova brand. dnp’s manufacturing facility, located in Copenhagen, has placed a major emphasis on the Supernova brand to meet the demands of the US marketplace. “Over the last couple of years dnp Supernova screens have made substantial gains in the US market, even though these products were expensive when compared to traditional white vinyl screens,” says US Sales and Marketing Manager Jesse Walsh. “While Supernova proved to be a vastly superior product, the trick to gaining a major market share was to reduce cost and make Supernova more affordable. dnp denmark has made a significant investment in the Supernova manufacturing process that will allow price reductions across the board on 23-23 screens - as much as 35 percent for some models. We anticipate a very positive response to this news, as price will no longer be an issue.” With corporate headquarters located in Karlslunde, Denmark, MCF Marketing, maintains a sales, service and distribution center in Irvine, California, and represents dnp in the United States. dnp denmark is the world’s leading supplier of optical front and rear projection screens for high-quality display solutions. Supernova is a registered trademark of dnp denmark.

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