Testronic Labs Shatters Testing Milestones

Industry Leader Tests SKUs of 5,500 Blu-ray and 75 3D Titles

March 8, 2011

Testronic Labs, the recognized global leader in quality assurance services for film and television, games, websites, hardware and software, has announced the celebration of two key milestones this month; the testing of its 5,500th Blu-ray disc SKU and the testing of its 75th 3D SKU. Both accomplishments represent an industry record, and confirm Testronic’s place at the forefront of Quality Assurance testing for the Home Entertainment community. Since the early days of the DVD format, Testronic Labs has consistently set the standard for performance, breadth of services, and cutting-edge innovation. “Over the years we have continually refined and enhanced our processes, and we have developed an extremely efficient and effective pipeline. The technology and our clients’ needs have changed, but our commitment to safeguarding the consumer experience has always remained steady,” noted Josh Erkman, Vice President, Global Operations for Film and Television Services. “Reaching these industry milestones is very gratifying because it is a direct reflection of the quality and hard work of our team and the depth of our service offerings. But in the end it is all about our clients, and I want to thank them for allowing us to do so much fantastic work.” As the only world-wide provider of Quality Assurance for Portals, Websites, Cloud, Digital Files, Mobile, Apps, DTV, Games, and Discs, Testronic Labs is uniquely positioned to ensure that clients efficiently and securely deliver the highest quality content across the entire gamut of the entertainment supply chain. “We are very proud of the accomplishments that these milestones represent,” stated Seth Hallen, CEO of Testronic Labs. “From the first title Testronic tested through the ones being tested today, we have been extremely focused on pushing the caliber of our technology and our work forward. We have a proven track record of pioneering advanced technologies to further our clients’ needs, mastering them, and then driving them throughout the industry. With this foundation of experience underscoring our growing offerings, we have our eye on the future and are ready to support our clients in all of the ways that they are delivering content to today’s consumer marketplace.” For further information about Testronic Labs, visit About Testronic Labs Testronic Labs’ high standards have been protecting clients and safeguarding the consumer experience since 1998. As the leading global provider of quality assurance, compliance, and localization services for a notable array of industries; including media, entertainment, games, education, e-commerce and consumer electronics, Testronic Labs ensures efficient and secure delivery of the highest quality consumer deliverables. Based in Burbank, CA, Pinewood Studios and central London UK, Diepenbeek, Belgium and Warsaw, Poland, Testronic Labs offers an unparalleled history of next-generation innovation and service excellence across the entire digital media industry.

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