November 3, 2015

More and more, audiences are opting to view the latest theatrical releases, Broadway performances, operas, comedy shows, and sporting events in the comfort and safety of their own home. The cutting edge XCINEX™ Global Entertainment Platform introduces a whole new dimension in home entertainment streaming and revolutionizes the way consumers select, purchase and view their entertainment choices. The first public demonstrations of this breakthrough technology took place Wednesday, October 14th at the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA)’s Digital Media Pipeline event in Los Angeles.

XCINEX is a pay-per-viewer™ premium content streaming platform. Any event that would require the consumer to physically attend a venue and purchase a ticket – latest theatrical release films, live events, Broadway musicals, operas, casino shows, live sporting events, concerts – can be streamed on the platform. As a result, content owners will directly upload and have full control of their content campaigns, including ticket prices, launch date, expiration date, trailers, merchandise and other items.

“XCINEX removes bottlenecks, provides instant gratification, creates additive revenue and expands the market so everyone is happy,” noted Cihan F. Atkin, Founder, President and CEO. “With XCINEX, consumers will once again have full control over their entertainment dollar, as well as the ultimate convenience of never leaving their home.” 

Via patented technology, the “xVENUE” detection sensor detects the number of audience members present in the room, thereby selling tickets on a pay-per-viewer™ basis. The sensor monitors the room throughout content stream and ensures the ticket-to-audience ratio is equal.

Benefits of the XCINEX Global Entertainment Platform include:

  • Streaming premium content in your home and only paying for what you watch;
  • In addition to the latest theatrical releases, concerts, and sporting events, XCINEX can stream seminars, competitions, lectures and much more from anywhere in the world;
  • Purchase a digital copy of the content you are watching for the first time;
  • Instantly download the content soundtrack  and access it from any device;
  • Link your social media with XCINEX to share your entertainment experience with your social network.