‘Independence Day’ Director Makes A Tough Cut

October 14, 2016

Famed sci-fi director Roland Emmerich (“Stargate,” “Universal Soldier”) may have made his toughest cutting-room-floor decision ever with his latest film.

For his most-beloved work, the 1996 sci-fi hit “Independence Day,” the visual effects were about as practical as you could get: $3 toy car models being blown off a tiny bridge; a truck backing up against a scale-model version of the Statue of Liberty, to simulate the shadow of a giant alien ship approaching New York; and that explosion of a miniature White House is the definition of iconic. But those simple effects helped bring home an Oscar, and that last example may have been why.

Twenty years later, for the long-awaited follow-up “Independence Day: Resurgence,” as the editing process was wrapping up, one last scene was left out of the film.

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