Versatile New Link Electronics HDG-821 High Definition Generator Outputs 30 Test Patterns And Supports 23 Video Formats

July 25, 2017

Link Electronics introduces the HDG-821, a multi-format High-Definition Test Pattern Generator which offers 30 test patterns and supports 23 video formats, in both digital and analog.  Sync output is available as Bi-Level (black burst) or Tri-Level, which supports all analog component outputs, RGB or YUV.  Self-contained for a standard 19-inch rack mounting, the HDG-821 offers 30 test signals including SMTPE, EIA and Full Field Bars.  It is ideal when various HD signals are required.  Unit identification allows up to 100 units to be uniquely identified.  Unit ID can be flashed on and off – this can be changed to a frame or second counter, making the video active so that users can determine if the video has been frozen while passing through other equipment.  The HDG-821 has 2 serial digital outputs at 1.485 GB/s,  YUV/RGB analog outputs, and two AES audio outputs.  The digital and analog outputs are simultaneous on the rear panel.  The feature rich HDG-821 is ideal for TV stations, video production studios, and wherever HD test patterns are required.

This proven technology can be operated as a free-running (stand-alone) unit, or as a gen-lock unit (with a pair of loping BNC connectors), providing infinite horizontal and vertical timing adjustments and gen-lock indication.  Audio tones may be embedded on the digital video output if desired, with two audio groups and up to eight channels which can be enabled on an individual basis.  Captions can also be embedded on the video output.  The HD SDI output has a resettable ANC embedded time code, and an ANC embedded Active Format Description (AFD) where the AFD value and the inserted line can be changed.  Selectable AFD insertion allows testing of equipment with AFD detection capability.  Adjustable audio frequency and amplitude allows users to test frequency range and amplitude range of their equipment.  Each HDG-821 is backed by a 10-year warranty and free 24/7 customer support.

Link Electronics builds products to provide access to various modes of video and audio communication. Accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing has been the primary objective of their endeavors since their founding in 1989. The progression of technology and the implementation of more sophisticated designs has resulted in a marked improvement in the quality of captioning and therefore a higher quality viewing experience for end users. Link serves broadcasters in the television market, municipalities, educational institutions, religious institutions and closed captioning services worldwide. Most equipment is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty. All Link Electronics equipment carries 24/7/365 free technical support. Most products are manufactured in their Jackson, MO headquarters and are available through dealers worldwide. For additional information visit, write to them at Link Electronics, 2360 N. High Street, Suite 10, Jackson, MO, 63755, call (800) 776-4411 or email