Cineworld Group Selects Volfoni For 3D Cinema Systems Rollout

April 16, 2018

Cineworld Group, the second largest cinema group in Europe, has selected Volfoni for a 3D cinema systems rollout across multiple cities and countries in Europe.  Cineworld selected Volfoni for their 3D cinema systems and deployed a combination of Volfoni’s products, including the highly efficient SmartCrystal NEO series and the award-winning SmartCrystal Diamond series. The deployment includes the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia.  

“At Cineworld, we always give the best experience to our audience and we always use top technical equipment,” said Ilan Schor, vice president technical of Cineworld Group. “Volfoni has demonstrated the technical expertise, with innovative and high-performance products, backed by strong technical support, to deliver a solution that will meet our needs. We believe that by using Volfoni's equipment we can maintain our high standard in general and in 3D screening in particular.”

“We see an increasing demand for high-performance and high-efficiency 3D cinema systems from our customers. Cinemas need advanced 3D systems to improve their operational efficiency and deliver brighter 3D projection for a better audience experience,” said Alain Chamaillard, chief sales officer of Volfoni. “We are thrilled to have been selected by Cineworld for their 3D cinema technology requirements.  Volfoni is well poised to answer this growing demand with our high-performance and high-efficiency product portfolio.”

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