Cameron Shooting Avatar Sequels With Sony Venice

June 11, 2018

James Cameronís Lightstorm Entertainment will use Sonyís new Venice motion picture camera system for principal photography on the upcoming Avatar sequels.The first Avatar movie, released in 2009 and also shot on Sony professional cameras, shattered box office records with its compelling story, immersive 3D and stunning visuals. These newest entries in the franchise promise to up the visual ante significantly with enhanced special effects, more elaborate production requirements and challenging live action sequences.

According to Lightstorm, the Sony Venice camera system was the right choice to continue the Avatar storyline and give audiences an entirely new experience.

“The Venice camera delivers the most astonishing image I’ve ever seen,” said Cameron, “The blacks are rich, deep and velvety, the highlights and source lights are amazingly bright. For the first time, we truly appreciate what the term high dynamic range means.”

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