June 13, 2018

In search of the ultimate audiovisual experience Samsung Electronics recently teamed up with Steinway Lyngdorf. The result is a groundbreaking system which combines the dynamic visual qualities of Samsung’s The Wall and Steinway Lyngdorf’s exquisite Model B loudspeakers.

The first free-standing speaker from Steinway Lyngdorf since the launch of the LS Concert, the Model B answers market demands for a compact full-range speaker capable of detailed reproduction and powerful performance.



This full range loudspeaker is designed for creating the holographic stereo reproduction of the Steinway & Sons Model D speakers through use of the dipole speaker concept – all in a smaller package. The Steinway & Sons Model B not only looks powerful with its impressive line-up of drivers, but together with the digital crossover and true quad-amplification of the 4 x 400-watt digital amplifier, Steinway & Sons Model A2, the resulting sound reproduction is nothing short of stunning.

A dipole speaker requires a large front area to separate the front and rear radiation of low frequency sound. In the Model B, the sides are elegantly folded back to add to the acoustic width of the speaker. Furthermore, the six pieces of woofer add up to an extremely large radiating surface capable of producing a linear output down to 25 Hz.

The six bass drivers are tightly packed in a push-pull configuration, which eliminates the nonlinearities of inward and outward movements in the drivers and, together with the extremely effective midrange driver and tweeter, the dynamic performance of this dipole speaker is surpassed only by the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D.

The tweeter is the renowned Air Motion Transformer, which is used in all Steinway Lyngdorf speakers and features a moving surface four times bigger than a normal tweeter. The resulting resolution and stress-free movement ensures the correct reproduction of all overtones of the instruments playing.


For the midrange driver, we selected the unit from the Steinway & Sons Model S speaker, as its neodymium magnet and the aluminum cone is a perfect engine for creating an exact copy of the recorded voice or instrument. 

With tweeter, midrange, and woofers individually adjusted and controlled by the four-way amplifier, it is possible to perfect the frequency response and time domain of each component, and the overall performance will take your breath away. 

The relatively small footprint and dipole construction allows for the Steinway & Sons Model B to be positioned quite freely in the room. The distance to the rear wall should not be less than one meter for optimal sound reproduction, and the speakers should have a small toe-in stance to enjoy the full effects of the reflecting sound.

A dipole speaker generally works with the room acoustics, unlike normal box speakers, and if the room and decor is not completely symmetrical around the speakers, RoomPerfect™ will clean up the negative effects to the sound.

“Enhanced Sense of Presence”: How Samsung Took the Wall to the Next Level with Steinway Lyngdorf “Viewers will be struck by the enhanced sense of presence the first time they experience The Wall and Steinway Lyngdorf combination,” – Peter Lyngdorf, founder and owner of Steinway Lyngdorf

Samsung Electronics recently teamed up with the world’s finest audio systems manufacturer Steinway Lyngdorf in search of the ultimate audiovisual experience. The result is a groundbreaking system which combines the dynamic visual qualities of The Wall with Steinway Lyngdorf’s exquisite Model B loudspeakers.

Founded in Denmark in 2007, Steinway Lyngdorf brings together the heritage of Steinway & Sons, the world’s finest piano maker, with the uncompromising vision of audio innovator Peter Lyngdorf to create high-end sound systems. As a world-renowned audio engineer, Lyngdorf is responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in sound technology. Not only did he create the first fully digital amplifier, the engineer also pioneered Digital Room Compensation technology.

Here’s the story of how Samsung collaborated with Steinway Lyngdorf to create a one-of-a-kind audiovisual system.

A Shared Passion for Innovation

When Samsung unveiled The Wall earlier this year, it marked a key milestone in the company’s development of top-end displays. While the Wall has superior color display with true black and HDR capabilities, and it is designed and manufactured through a host of cutting-edge technology innovations, one final piece of the puzzle was missing.

“The Wall requires an independent audio solution that can match the visual experience regardless of the acoustic setting” says Alex Szabo, Enterprise Product Marketing Group at Samsung Electronics. “Being a great and prestigious audio brand, we thought Steinway Lyngdorf was the natural choice for collaboration may our clients require high end stereo of full surround solutions.”

Samsung and Steinway Lyngdorf both share the same desire to push the envelop in their respective fields, which meant that a common language was already in place for a dynamic partnership to flourish.

As Lyngdorf explains, “Our systems do not require extensive acoustical modifications to the space to allow for great sound. We aimed to use our scientific research to make a range of audio solutions to complement the great visual quality of The Wall.”

In Search of Perfection

After hours of testing and fine-tuning, both companies finally settled on the ultimate audio companion for The Wall – Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model B speakers.

“The Model B system is controlled by our P100 multichannel processor,” Lyngdorf says. “This means the speakers can handle all audio parameters to produce optimum sound.”

Equipped with Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect system, the Model B speakers can be adjusted to maximize the acoustics of any room, regardless of its size or shape, and allows for artificial calibration as well.

“Our unique technologies in sound management not only provides realistic sounds even in the most challenging environments but also allows for flexibility in installation,” says Lyngdorf. “They can be virtually invisible or become a part of a room’s décor without compromising on sound quality.”

Enhanced Sense of Immersion

Spending time with The Wall and Steinway Lyngdorf speakers (such as the Model B) in person is the only way to truly appreciate the monumental creation of Samsung’s collaboration with Steinway Lyngdorf. Surrounded by life-like images and sound, viewers will feel like they are in the heart of the action, enveloped in a dazzling audiovisual spectacle unlike any other.

“The result of the collaboration shows that exceptional sound and image together add up to far more than the sum of the parts,” says Lyngdorf. The UHD 146” Wall Professional was exhibited alongside a pair of matt black color (designed specifically for the collaboration) Model B speakers at InfoComm 2018. The audiovisual system is now available for pre-order.


4-way active floor speaker
Air Motion Transformer
Midrange driver:
Size: 5″, cone material: aluminum, die cast basket, Neodymium magnet
Size: 12″ / 6 pcs, cone material: glass fibre / honeycomb, die cast basket, vented magnet
Model A2 Amplifier / Ax400 watts
Amplification channels:
Full dipole design, aluminum baffle and frame
Frequency response:
25 to 22,000 Hz (-3dB)
Max SPL @ 1m:
112 dB
Digital/stored in amplifier
4-way Neutrik / 2 pieces
Placement options:
Free standing floor speaker
Dimensions (W x H x D):
60 x 124 x 31 cm
24 x 49 x 12 in
140.0 kg / 309 Ib
Black piano finish
Bespoke versions possible