Bigger Is Still Better (At Least In The Living Room)

July 10, 2018

Few things are a more iconic representation of a traditional U.S. home than a big TV in the living room.

And while smartphones are pacing to reach TV ownership rates within the next five years, consumers still place value on large screens in living rooms and are willing to spend more to have them, according to recent data from NPD Connected Intelligence.

In releasing its most recent “TV Ownership Trends Report,” the market research firm noted that among three reasons for purchasing a replacement 4K Ultra TV — larger screen, better picture quality, more affordable pricing — bigger was cited by consumers as No. 1. Of the consumers who purchased a 4K/UHD replacement TV, 45 percent cited a larger screen as the No. 1 desire, while 39 percent shelled out for better picture quality and 24 percent because pricing became more affordable.

Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of these TVs were installed in the living room, with the average size display for this room listed at 52 inches.

The average replacement screen size for all other rooms, meanwhile, was 43 inches.

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