Video And Audio Center Sells First Samsung 8K TVs

October 30, 2018

At left: Senior Buyer Kamran Tehrani (far left) and Co-Owner Joseph Akhtarzad flank one of the first Samsung 8K QLED TV buyers. At right: Corporate Director Tom Campbell stands with other consumers in attendance at the showcase launch


Southern California-based specialty retailer Video and Audio Center held an exclusive consumer sales event at its marquee Westfield Century City open-air mall store in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 26, hosting the U.S. retail debut of Samsung’s 85-inch QLED 8K Ultra HD Model QN85Q900R.

“The event was a smashing success – beyond expectations,” Tom Campbell, the retailer’s corporate director and chief technologist, told Dealerscope. He explained that Video and Audio Center built momentum ahead of the impending launch of the $14,999.99 TV via emails and calls to longstanding clients, many of whom are enthusiastic early adopters of new technology, and who had been first on board with earlier cutting-edge technologies such as 4K TV and 4K Ultra Blu-ray.

“We pre-sold 14 8K TVs ahead of the launch,” said Campbell, “and five more were sold on the spot” in the first few hours of availability.

Buyers on hand for the formal launch were treated to views of native 8K content because the sets contain built-in 8K demo material. “Their enthusiasm was incredible, and there were guesses about the selling price as high as $35,000,” Campbell said. He noted that the displayed images are four times sharper than 4K and 16 times sharper than HDTV. The sets are fully compatible with currently available content, capable of upconverting 2K and 4K content for display.

“We thank Samsung for selecting Video and Audio Center to be one of the first to launch this new technology,” said Co-owner Joseph Akhtarzad. “The consumer excitement and acceptance of the product is just amazing.”

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