New Partnerships Set To Expand Premier Mounts Network Of Distributors

November 13, 2018

Premier Mounts, the leader in superior audiovisual mounting solutions, is pleased to announce a collaboration with three new business partners; Synnex, Bluestar, and JB&A to an existing network of distributors.

Enhancing customer engagement and digital signage integration is the focus for growth and development at Premier Mounts. As of 2018, these companies are all new customers, each providing a unique asset to the distribution process. Synnex,Bluestar, and JB&A are all focused on creating partnerships to provide solution based businesses with a clear channel for distribution. The addition of new partnerships will allow for customer service and experience to perform at new heights.

“With each new partnership our high-quality network of distributors is growing to better deliver Premier’s products,” said Tiffany Dozier, Executive Vice President, Sales. “Our goal is customer concentricity and having a broad distribution channel allows for our customers to be served more efficiently.” As clientele continues to grow and the network of partners becomes larger, Premier Mounts is dedicating more resources to ensure customer satisfaction.

Currently, Premier Mounts existing partners include AnixterIngram Micro,Stampede GlobalAlmo Pro AV, and Data Visual. These partnerships provide the foundation of distribution for Premier Mounts and with the addition of three new partners, both internal and external growth is increased.