November 15, 2018

The world’s most advanced next-generation smart speaker just became available to consumers as Riva Audio is now shipping its new Concert Smart Speaker, available exclusively at for $199.  A tabletop model, the Riva Stadium, will be available later this year.

Visually, the Concert is beautifully crafted and features the hi-res audio fidelity and technological acumen that represent the culmination of years of collaboration between Rikki Farr, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, of RIVA Audio and its President and Chief Engineer, Don North.

Farr is a legend in the music industry having produced and promoted live music concerts for a “Who’s Who” of rock and roll icons including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Tom Petty and Rod Stewart.  North is an acclaimed audio engineer from Caltech who along with the RIVA Audio design team has developed eight approved patents, including the company’s proprietary Trillium™ technology.  It’s a winning tandem that has resulted in products that have amassed a cult following amongst audio purists.  Now with its advance technological capabilities, the Concert is poised to be the ultimate speaker for smart homes everywhere.

Experience the Future as It Happens

From the beginning, the Concert was designed to mitigate technological obsolescence.  To that end, the speaker incorporates an open architecture and expansive memory, which means that future Alexa updates – like multi-room music for whole-home audio – will be compatible with the Concert Smart Speaker and accessible to its owners.  With Alexa built-in, the next-gen smart speaker gives users access to tens of thousands of Alexa skills, as well as Calling & Messaging functionality through Alexa.

Technological Excellence

Riva’s engineering excellence is a result of years of innovation and refinement, and is epitomized by the Concert.  Unlike other more well-known competitors which are mono, requiring two speakers for stereo, the Riva Concert features the company’s patented Trillium™ technology which features three channels of amplification and custom-built drivers to produce a stereophonic listening experience from a singular source.

“Our dream in developing this Voice Series is that with a simple voice command, you can experience crystal clear music with all its nuance in pure stereophonic sound, anywhere in your home,” said Don North, President and Chief Engineer, RIVA Audio.

The Clarity to Connect

The microphone alone is brilliant and exemplifies the consideration put into the details by the design team.  In fact, there are three high-performance, barge-in, echo-canceling microphones, which can easily detect and respond to voice commands from 25 feet away while the speaker is at a high volume. The speaker can also be controlled through Tap-to-Talk function in the RIVA Voice app, a first in the market.

Smart Compatibility

With Alexa built-in, the Riva Concert is capable of controlling thousands of smart home devices, including smart plugs, thermostats, doorbells, lights and more. Customers can play their music from an array of sources as well. The Concert is compatible with analog 3.5mm inputs for legacy systems, and provides wireless streaming over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay. It also supports media servers, local content and DNLA devices, as well as USB charging.

Whole Home Audio

For those who desire music throughout the house, the Concert Smart Speaker will support multiple speakers via an over-the-air update coming soon. Speakers in different rooms can easily be controlled via the Riva Voice App (iOS & Android).

The app itself is its own advanced bit of innovation as it allows people to voice control a speaker through the app’s Tap-to-Talk function, so you can control speakers located in other rooms or even outdoors.  The app also provides fast, intuitive set-up and streaming, as well as management of listening modes and bass & treble EQ levels.

With a best-in-class three-year warranty, the Riva Audio Concert Smart Speaker encapsulates decades of live musical production and proprietary know-how.  The result is a speaker with unmatched sound and unparalleled capabilities for the smart homes of today ... and tomorrow. 

For more information about the Riva Audio Concert Smart Speaker, please visit Riva Audio.