‘A Star Is Born’: Dolby Atmos Became Bradley Cooper’s Secret Weapon

The first-time director became a last-minute convert when Atmos delivered more subtlety and authenticity to his and Lady Gaga's live performances.

November 16, 2018

“A Star Is Born”

Warner Bros.

While deep into the standard 7.1 sound mix for “A Star Is Born,” Bradley Cooper was approached about doing a Dolby Atmos mix as well. But he was skeptical. After all, this wasn’t a Marvel superhero movie or a Disney/Pixar animated feature. This movie showcased Cooper performing live, intimate, musical performances with Lady Gaga.

Yet the first-time director and his mixing team experimented with Atmos and came away surprised at the way it isolated the vocals and instruments. Like Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma,” Atmos delivered a more nuanced and authentic soundscape.

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