Home Cinema Design

January 14, 2019

Do You Perceive State-Of-The-Art Home Cinema Design As Complicated?
Does going beyond current trends in design to deliver an even more thrilling experience seem completely out of your reach?
Actually, It Is Simpler Than You May Think.
Basing your designs around facts and logic, you can provide superior, reliable and consistent results and you shouldn’t be scared by the complexity of the method used to achieve them.

 To explore these concepts, Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence will be presenting complimentary CEDIA training to earn you 2.5 CEU on January 23 at our UK distributor CAVD's showroom.  (address below)
The Training Focuses On Two Critical Aspects Of Home Cinema:

  • sound system design (morning session). Trainer: Patrice Congard
  • Projection screen selection (afternoon session). Trainer: Jaro Pollanen 

Please Book Now - There Is Limited Space Available!
 The address is:

G, Rose Business Estate
Marlowe SL7 3ND
Tel: 01628 563344

Googlemaps link