Deluxe Exec: Don’t Count Out Blu-ray Just Yet

January 28, 2019

By Jeff Berman M&E Daily

Although digital delivery of video continues to dominate the video home entertainment market, it’s still too soon to count out Blu-ray and Ultra High-Def (UHD) Blu-ray completely, according to Bob Michaels, chief operations officer of Deluxe Entertainment.

There is “a little bit of uncertainty” around how long any streaming service will have a particular movie or TV show available, Michaels told MESA, noting: “You could watch your favorite show or a favorite feature at one point and then log back in down the road and then find out that they no longer have that film available to you. So, you kind of start scrambling” for a way to watch that title.

While “content owners are very conscious of the cost of producing a physical disc,” he said: “I think they also understand that they control all the distribution of that physical disc. So, obviously the benefit of releasing a disc is still heavily profitable on their end.

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