Sci-fi Thriller ‘Project Ithaca’ Due On Disc And Digital Aug. 6 From Lionsgate

June 12, 2019


In Project Ithaca, a blend of science fiction and horror, a malevolent alien species has been abducting humans for decades, possibly centuries. Their endgame: to harvest enough human emotional energy to open a wormhole through which their spacecrafts can pass and conquer our world. To end this threat, the U.S. military initiates Project Ithaca, a top-secret plan to teleport a human-alien hybrid, SERA, aboard the “mother ship” to destroy it. SERA awakes inside the alien craft along with five others. Divided, they will die; only together can they defeat the aliens and find a way home.

Project Ithaca stars James Gallanders, Deragh Campbell and Daniel Fathers.

DTS-HD MA 5.1, 2.39:1