PSB Announces Trio Of Architectural Subwoofers Plus Dedicated 500 Watt Digital Subwoofer Amplifier

LF Performance Solutions Leverage Strengths of PSB for Professional CI Solutions

September 9, 2019

PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence in loudspeaker design, introduced a trio of new subwoofers which offer the CI professional a wide variety of audio system design solutions. The CSIW SUB28 ($999 U.S. MSRP) dual 8” in-wall subwoofer and CS 500W ($1199 U.S. MSRP) dedicated subwoofer amplifier will be available in October while the CSIR SUB ($1299 U.S. MSRP) and the CSIW SUB10 ($1199 U.S. MSRP) for new construction will be shipping in January, 2020.  

Three distinctly different designs enable a system designer or installer the ability to simply pick the right tool for the job. To make implementation even easier, PSB has developed a complementary subwoofer amplifier (CS 500W) to power up to two subwoofers simultaneously. All three subwoofer models are voiced to deliver tight, detailed bass response and are comfortable reproducing the most demanding home theatre and music tracks.


A sealed cabinet subwoofer with dual 8” high performance drivers capable of delivering detailed low frequency performance. Equipped with heavy duty nylon dog-ears, and a magnetic small perforation grille, the CSIW SUB28 can be used in both new construction or retrofit applications. Versatile, and easy to deploy, the CSIW SUB28 is a cornerstone of audio system design.


This In-Room Subwoofer offers an elegant choice among several highly versatile solutions. Measuring a mere 15.75” x 15.75 x 4.7”, the CS-IR Sub can disappear into the décor of any room yet is stylish enough to be a design feature on its own. The CSIR SUB can be applied in 3 distinct ways. It can be mounted on a narrow, low profile plinth and placed upright. It can also be set on its back allowing it to be tucked out of the way, behind or under furniture. It comes with a mounting bracket, enabling the subwoofer to be wall mounted to maximize floor space. The 10“, high performance shallow driver offers deep and resonant bass, well beyond what one would expect.

PSB CSIW SUB10 new construction subwoofer


The CSIW SUB10 is a new construction subwoofer that was created to isolate the sealed cabinet from the drywall, as well as minimize the protrusion of the grille from the surface of the drywall. The unique design couples the subwoofer cabinet to the stud beams and allows the grille to accommodate various wall thicknesses. A high excursion, shallow driver delivers bass response that is both precise and plentiful.

CS-500W Amplifier

CS 500W

This digital 500 watt subwoofer amplifier delivers ample power for up to two PSB subwoofers in parallel. The DSP is capable of being calibrated to several selectable eq settings as well as containing profiles tailored for the PSB subwoofers. A built-in limiter circuit filters the incoming information and keeps it from driving the subwoofer beyond safe operating parameters. It can be powered up by several means including signal sensing and 12volt trigger. A rack mount kit enables the subwoofer amp to be mounted into a 1U rack space.

“The new PSB Architectural Subs and their dedicated Amplifier, offer the professional system designer three terrific options for serious low frequency performance.” commented Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook’s Product Manager for Custom Installation. “Our goal has been to create a powerful sub amplifier that can drive up to two of the new models at a time and, with a set of pre-calibrations for each of our subwoofers, ensure a much more seamless blend. The subwoofer application will inherently take less time to deploy and be considerably tighter and more precise. Tremendous synergy at work here with our new subs and amplifier.”

The new PSB Architectural Subs and sub amplifier will be on display at CEDIA Expo September 12-14, in the Lenbrook Booth 2520, Hall F at the Colorado Convention Center. Lenbrook’s other fine brands, NAD and Bluesound, as well as DALI, will also be on display with company personnel on hand to provide demonstrations and answer questions.   

Key Features of the new PSB Architectural Sub Models:

  • Three new differentiated sub designs to cover wide range of applications
  • Typical PSB voicing, well suited for either music or home theatre
  • Dedicated amplifier CS 500W that can easily drive two of new models simultaneously
  • CS 500W is only 1U rack space high
  • Designed and voiced by the growing PSB design team mentored by PSB founder and speaker industry icon, Paul Barton