PSB Introduces CS AIC 860 Angled In-Ceiling Speaker

Pinpoint Accuracy, Dispersion and Lifelike Imaging Are Featured with new PSB CI Model

September 9, 2019

PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence in loudspeaker design, introduced the CS AIC 860, an all-new, angled in-ceiling speaker for the performance-minded CI installer, especially in home theatre applications. Designed and voiced by the growing PSB design team mentored by PSB founder and speaker industry icon, Paul Barton and featuring many of PSB’s core technologies, the CS AIC 860 will be on display here at CEDIA and available this November with a MSRP of $649 U.S.

In-Ceiling speakers have been the most common application by virtue of their location out of sight lines and not competing with wall furnishings, etc. However in-ceiling speaker applications have also come with serious sonic challenges. The PSB CS AIC 860 is an angled in-ceiling speaker  designed to allow the proper dispersion required to create a true three-dimensional sound stage when recessed into the ceiling. This is especially true for high performance in-ceiling LCR speakers in the front of the theatre.

The design of the CS AIC 860 minimizes the amount of refraction common to many angled speakers which can often “give away” the position of the speaker. With the new PSB design, the listener experiences a wide and consistent sound field which seems to emanate from the chosen listening area rather than from the installation point. So with proper dispersion and tuning, true 3-dimensional lifelike imaging is attainable.

The premium 6.5” woofer of the AIC 860 utilizes a carbon-filled polypropylene cone, for both stiffness and light weight. This woofer includes trickle-down technology that PSB has developed for its flagship Imagine Series to get higher sensitivity, bass extension and lower harmonic distortion at high playback levels. High frequencies are capably handled by a 1” titanium tweeter with Wave Guide and indexed adjustment for precise adjustment of the tweeter’s acoustic axis. Also included are acoustic adjustments for the mid/woofer and tweeter level for additional tuning to the room or listener location.

The CS AIC 860 features frameless magnetic grilles with invisible scrims for a seamless visual appearance. Both round and square grilles are provided, adding design flexibility while simplifying  inventory requirements. Installation is easy and predictable with the improved, simple, foolproof mounting system, using heavy duty doglegs. Cutting templates are included. Optional Pre-construction brackets and back cans are also available.

Final voicing was performed at Canada’s famed National Research Council by the PSB design team. PSB’s research has discovered how listener preferences can be integrated into a wide range of speaker designs for many different applications, yet all featuring consistent sound quality that is natural and lifelike.

“In-Ceiling speakers have always been in high demand however elevating their performance has long been an engineering challenge for loudspeaker designers”., explained Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook’s Product Manager for Custom Installation. “One of Paul Barton’s claims to fame in his storied career is controlling dispersion and creating fantastic imaging with his speakers. Those skills were put to excellent use with the CS AIC 860.”

The new PSB CS AIC 860 will be on display at CEDIA Expo September 12-14, in the Lenbrook Booth 2520, Hall F at the Colorado Convention Center. Lenbrook’s other fine brands, NAD and Bluesound, along with DALI, will also be on display there with company personnel on hand to provide demonstrations and answer questions.   

Key Features of the PSB CS AIC 860:

  • PSB technology and expertise in an Angled In-Ceiling Speaker
  • Pivoting Wave-guide Tweeter and Angled Woofer
  • Frameless round and square grilles
  • Open-back design with integrated back box available, as an option
  • Individual adjustment level switches for Tweeter and Woofer
  • Designed and voiced by the growing PSB design team mentored by PSB founder and speaker industry icon, Paul Barton