MartinLogan Introduces Fully Matrixed Distributed Audio With Easy-To-Use Room Correction

Available Fall 2019, MDA is the most flexible distribution solutions ever brought to market...and, if we may be so humble, the best sounding.

September 15, 2019

MartinLogan MDA16 Distribution System

MartinLogan's MDA16 Distribution System

MartinLogan is pleased to announce the new MDA Series of distribution systems. With the ever-growing popularity of whole-house and outdoor audio systems, the challenge of unlocking the performance potential of sound has only increased. Historically, when selecting distribution solutions, installers have only had access to a mix of one or two key features—web-based setup, digital inputs, equalization, or matrixing capabilities. Enter MartinLogan’s MDA. These astounding devices deliver all of these features in one chassis and with the added benefit of Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) and bass management for adding dedicated subwoofers. 

Full Digital and Analog Matrix Switching

MDAs are the most flexible and adaptive distribution solutions available today, delivering dramatic levels of performance where it matters—in the room. With full matrix switching capabilities of analog and digital inputs, and independent room correction with Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) in each zone, MDAs allow you to install robust audio solutions throughout a home or business. These unique technologies understand the unique acoustic signature of each listening space and correct deviations from an ideal response.

With an eye on preserving even the most subtle nuances of music, MDAs accept high-resolution PCM up to 24-bit/192kHz. MDAs will never hold back a compelling musical experience.

Multiple Channels and Robust Class-D Amplification

The MDA8 powers up to four zones with eight total channels at 60 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (or 120 into 4 Ohms). The MDA16 powers up to eight zones with sixteen full channels at 60 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (or 120 into 4 Ohms). Zones can also be bridged for a high output mode with 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms. 

Subwoofer Integration and Bass Management

MDAs are the first solution to offer the ability to expand a system by adding external subwoofers. This is accomplished through either an RCA connection to a powered subwoofer or external sub amplifier; or by assigning a zone’s output to power a subwoofer. You can even bridge multiple zones to provide more power when it’s needed. Any subwoofer attached to an MDA also benefits from Anthem Room Correction, which not only corrects acoustic output for an ideal response but also sets bass management settings (including subwoofer phase) for a flawless transition to the main speakers. 

Adaptive Web-Based Setup Interface

MDAs are fully configurable using an intuitive web-based interface that controls every available setting for every zone and every input. It has never been easier to set up a whole-house audio system with such extremely accurate results.

Room Correction, Load Monitoring, and Speaker Controls for Each Zone

High use environments are highly susceptible to acoustically harmful room interactions due to the prevalence of hard materials and complex surfaces. This reduces clarity in the midrange and muddies the bass. Configuring custom DSP settings is a relatively common feature in high-end distribution solutions, but is limited to simple parametric equalization which has severe limitations. MDAs utilize both speaker-based DSP and Anthem Room Correction to deliver perfect sound in every environment, rendering music with clear dialogue and deep, accurate bass. Anthem Room Correction is accomplished through a simple measurement process that can take as little as five minutes per zone. Speaker-specific DSP settings are preloaded for performance optimization of MartinLogan custom install and outdoor speakers. This level of customization effortlessly provides exceptional sound quality while helping protect speakers from being overdriven. Further, to safeguard speakers, DSP selection has the added benefit of including sophisticated impedance/voltage curves that, when combined with Advanced Load Monitoring, maintain absolute control of MartinLogan speakers and intervene if a speaker may experience damage.

MDAs are designed to sound great with more than just MartinLogan speakers. In addition to providing the benefits of Anthem Room Correction and Active Load Monitoring for any connected speaker or subwoofer, MDAs allow you to fine-tune any speaker’s response by adjusting the volume level, left/right balance, and bass and treble levels.

Compatible with Leading Control Systems

Additionally, with both IP and RS-232 connections, MDAs are compatible with leading home automation systems, including Control4, Crestron, Elan, RTI, Savant, and URC.

MDA16 retails for $2,999/each (US) and $3,499/each (CAD).

MDA8 retails for $1,999/each (US) and $2,499/each (CAD).

The MDA Series will begin shipping in Fall 2019.

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