AudioControl Adds Russound Architectural Loudspeakers To Sound Partners Programô

AudioControlís tailored DSP speaker profiles give integrators the vital tools to optimize system performance while minimizing the time required to fine-tune each zone

September 16, 2019

AudioControl (, makers of innovative highperformance audio solutions for the residential, commercial and automotive markets has announced that Russound has been added to their Sound Partners Program (SPP). The AudioControl SPP was established as a cooperative initiative with industry-leading architectural speaker manufacturers in order to implement optimized performance profiles as defined by each brand’s engineers. These profiles, when stored in the DSP onboard the AudioControl Director™ and CM-Series high-performance 8-channel, 16-channel and 70-volt amplifiers, creates the ultimate whole-house entertainment/commercial audio platforms for professional integrators.

AudioControl has made DSP profiles available now for the complete line of Russound IC-Series Architectural Loudspeakers, from the IC-610 to the 20-Series and 30-Series models featuring Russound’s patented SwiftLock™ toolless mounting system in the brand new IW-620 in-wall loudspeaker. Multiple DSP profiles have been set up for all of the Russound models, including a “flat” profile that is designed to enhance the speaker’s performance without any coloration, a “reflective” profile to be used in rooms with large amounts of reflective surfaces and lastly, an “absorptive” profile designed for rooms that are filled with absorptive surfaces like carpets, furniture, curtains, etc.

“We welcome Russound and their array of architectural loudspeakers to our Sound Partners Program,” said AudioControl CEO Alex Camara. “The SPP provides professional integrators with the tools they need to differentiate themselves in a competitive market while delivering superb sound quality to their clients. The high-performance and fine-tuning capabilities of the Director and CM-Series amplifiers coupled with Russound speakers will provide an excellent entertainment experience.”

AudioControl Director and CM-Series Amplifiers AudioControl Director and CM Series amplifiers offer the flexibility, performance and superb build quality that integration professionals require when assembling premium entertainment solutions. The award-winning Director M-Series provides full DSP functionality plus matrixing capabilities that allow any of eight analog or two digital inputs to be routed to any zone output. The Director D-Series offers the same powerful DSP features without the matrixing option. CM-Series amplifiers are the only 70-volt solutions to benefit from AudioControl’s DSP and Sound Partners Program, offering tailored profiles of the most popular architectural speakers for efficient system calibration. Director and CMSeries amplifiers offer AudioControl’s legendary sound quality, and can be used either as a standalone solution or as part of a 3rd party control system from companies including Crestron, Savant and Control4.