Beautifully Renovated Home In The North Of England Received A Total Entertainment Overhaul By Monitor Audio Installers Majik House

Aesthetics were of utmost importance to the clients for this project, so all of the entertainment features needed to be as discreet as possible.

September 18, 2019


Starting in the living room, Monitor Audio C165 in-ceiling speakers were used as a stereo sound system for the TV along with our IWS-10 in-wall subwoofer, allowing for hidden high-quality sound as an upgrade for the TV’s existing speaker system.



Monitor Audio In-Ceiling speakers were used throughout the rest of the living spaces such as the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms to deliver music around the house, all controlled through the Control 4 automation system.



Outdoors, the garden was made smarter with the inclusion of WiFi access points and smart lighting. Also outdoors, Majik House installed our Climate 60 on-wall speakers, that are able to withstand all of the elements whilst bringing their favorite tunes outdoors.



The pride of place is the incredible Dolby Atmos configured home cinema. Matching the Epson HD projects our W380-IDC in-wall speakers that are used for the left, right and centre channels with our CS180 and C165 in-celling speakers for the surround and Atmos channels with our IWS-10 in-wall subwoofer for punchy bass.


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See more images of the install below: