Atlantic Technology Flexes Its Design and Factory Muscle with New Flagship Home Theatre Systems and Loudspeakers

The company rounds out its highest-performance 8600 Surround Sound System and introduces a second-generation upgrade of its ground-breaking, award-winning H-PAS tower loudspeaker

October 9, 2019

As part its 30th year anniversary, Atlantic Technology is expanding on its original mission as “The Original Home Theater Company.”

“These are the highest-performance loudspeakers ever created by Atlantic Technology and reflect the continuing innovation, exciting capabilities and commitment to the specialty audio market by the vertical integration with its long-time factory partner,” says Paul Fredrickson, Business Development Director at Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’s PR agency of record. Fredrickson added, “Designed to supplement our extensive range of existing products, these new products give our dealers and Atlantic customers more options to raise the performance and room size for systems that use our products.

Raising the Bar in Premium Home Theatre Loudspeaker Systems

New 8600 Flagship Surround Sound System–The 8600 system and companion SBT series subwoofers mark a move up for Atlantic Technology into a new category of higher-performance systems suitable for bigger rooms. This expands on the stellar reputation of the highly acclaimed 4400, 6200 and 8200 systems that allow integrators to mix and match components from the different systems along with compatibly voiced Atlantic in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers to create custom solutions to meet any client’s desire.

The 8600eLR Tower Loudspeakers-This new seven-driver, three-way tower system features four new 8-inch Atlantic Technology fiberglass cone woofers and two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-range drivers along with a new 1-inch titanium tweeter using a Linkwitz-Riley crossover made of select precision components to handle up to 300 Watts per channel in a gorgeous MDF gloss Makassar Ebony cabinet. Shipping now MSRP, $2,599 Each.

The 8600eC Center Channel Loudspeaker-A seven-driver, three-way matching center channel with four 6.5-inch fiberglass woofers, two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-range drivers and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter in a vertical M-T-M D’Appolito array delivering optimum dialog intelligibility without comb-filter effects for listeners in any position.The gloss Makassar Ebony cabinet matches the 8600eLR’s. Shipping Q1, 2020, MSRP $1,599.

SBT-500 and SBT-1000 High-Power, Dual-Driver Subwoofers-The SBT-500 packing a 500-Watt amp with dual ten-inch drivers and the room-shaking SBT-1000 with a 1,000-Watt amp and dual twelve-inch drivers. Both feature balanced inputs and all of the design features that have made Atlantic Technology subwoofers a top choice for decades. Both are shipping now; The SBT-500 MSRP is $1,799 and the SBT-1000 MSRP is $2,499.

AT-3 H-PAS Tower Loudspeakers-Stereophile Magazine declared Atlantic Technology’s patented H-PAS™ bass technology in the original AT-1 tower “the bee’s knees” in 2011.TheAT-1 made the cut as one of 8 systems on their “Loudspeaker of the Year” list and at $2,500 they were the most affordable on the list that had an average price of $38,500.

H-PAS (Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System™) combines elements of several loudspeaker technologies—bass reflex, acoustic suspension, inverse horn, and transmission line in a unique configuration to deliver powerful low-frequency response that “breaks the laws” of acoustics that say you can’t have deep bass, good sensitivity and a reasonable enclosure size in one design.

The AT-3 is a significant update with brand-new drivers, sporting a stiffer, lighter and larger cast basket 6.5-inch fiberglass cone woofer with a vented pole piece. The new 1-inch silk-dome Low-ResonanceTweeter(LRT™) plus a new crossover using 1% precision components such as air-core inductors and poly caps are enclosed in a gorgeous MDF, hand-finished gloss Piano Black cabinet. Availability Q2, 2020,MSRP $1,199 each

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