8k Demonstration October 22-24 At The SMPTE Exhibits At The Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles

October 19, 2019

Joe Kane

Come see our 8K content!

Yesterday afternoon Gary Demos sent a reminder to some of you to come visit the Teledyne/LeCroy QuantumData booth #208 in the exhibit area as part of the SMPTE Fall Conference in the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.  Our exhibit area is in the California Ballroom.  We're open from noon to 6:00 pm on Tuesday 22 October, 10:00 am to 6:30 pm on Wednesday 23 October and 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Thursday 24 October.  

Teledyne LeCroy is hosting Gary Demos of Image Essence LLC, Joe Kane of Joe Kane Productions (JKP),  and Neil Robinson of LG as guests where we are demonstrating 8k content.  Come see the new LG 88" 8k HDR OLED display.   The Boxx dual AMD Epyc 64-core  system will be realtime decoding the Image Essence single master floating point codec 8k 4:4:4 signal.  The 4:2:2 8K HDR output of the decoder will be driving the LG set via its HDMI 2.1 input. 

Beyond what some of you have already read, Gary asked if I'd highlight some of the things we hope you'll discover at our exhibit.  Teledyne LeCroy will be showing an updated 980B generator capable of providing similar uncompressed 8K content formatted to the HDMI 2.1 specifications.  The 980B can also act an an analyzer for any content up to 8K.  In addition they will be showing the 4K capability of the 780 generator.  Parts of the 8K materials found in the 980B have come from work by Image Essence and JKP.

Image Essence's primary demonstration is of the single master concept.  In an earlier e-mail JKP made comments about the need to create a single master no matter how difficult someone might think it would be to implement.  We suggested there is a need for a unified artistic intent in any version of a program, which lends itself nicely to the single master concept.  Fortunately as we gain experience in creating  HDR content it is informing the look of the SDR, the unified intent needed  to answer a lot of the concerns about the acceptance of a single master.

The output we'll be showing this time will be specific to the new 88 inch LG 8K OLED display.  If we had an Eclair Color or an Onix or a Crystal LED we'd be providing a completely different output for each of them.  We've illustrated this capability using different displays in prior exhibits.

We're going to present a variety of content.  In part we want to show the versatility of the single master.  More important, creating a single master involves knowing a lot about a large variety of displays.  This has put us in a position of creating demonstration material useful in determining the performance capability of displays.  We're doing this with a mix of test patterns and  images.  You might call it display evaluation material for use by engineers and artists.  It is certainly our tie to what Teledyne is accomplishing in their generators.  They have our some of our 8K pictures as well as our 8K test patterns.

In the process of building our content we recognized the need for material shot on a 'movie' set using a current camera, content well beyond what JKP has been able to do on its own.  The Sony DMPC stepped up for us and offered the Venice camera and their stage.  The Venice camera falls in the category of high end capture capability.  ASC members and others in the Hollywood community stepped up to help us create on set content.  Parts of it will be publicly shown for the first time at our exhibit. 

When you come visit us we'd like to have you see the content several times.  It is designed to be challenging to displays.  It is designed to exercise a lot of different video formats in dynamic range, color and yes even resolution.  It can all be done in a single master where the output can be formatted to whatever modern display you want to drive.

We all look forward to seeing you in the Teledyne/LeCroy display, booth 208 in the California Ballroom during the SMPTE Fall Conference.