Meridian Launches In-Wall Digital Active Loudspeaker

Features a shallow 100mm mounting depth for easy installation and precise positioning.

November 6, 2019

Meridian Audio DSP750 Lifestyle

Meridian AudioMeridian Audio DSP750 has launched its latest loudspeaker from the Architectural range, the DSP750 in-wall digital active loudspeaker. Features include:

  • Three new, high-performance drive-units
  • CLASS-M DSP engine providing thermal and dynamic bass protection
  • “Double-baffle” aluminium enclosure design to minimize unwanted resonances and coloration
  • Separate mid-range driver enclosures to eliminate interaction with the bass drivers
  • Five drive-units powered by a bridged pair of Dynamic Hi-Res amplifiers; each pair capable of delivering over 100 watts into 8 ohms
  • EBA (Enhanced Bass Alignment) to heighten sound quality across the frequency range
  • Center Elevation technology to create an immersive sound experience that appears to come from the center of the screen
  • Meridian’s enhancement technologies, including FIFO buffering, DSP upsampling, apodising filters, and MHR (Meridian High Resolution)

The DSP750 delivers a maximum output of 120 dB and bass extension down to 30 Hz. Its built-in custom tweeter with a beryllium dome and diffraction expansion technology ensures a wide sound dispersion, capable of playing over 40 kHz. The DSP750 has solid off-axis performance with two 100mm mid-range drivers, enabling it to produce a uniform and lifelike stereo image over a wide listening area.

In addition, the sealed aluminium cabinet design features a shallow 100mm mounting depth for easy installation and precise positioning. The rough-in box and frame can be adjusted for various wall materials and depths, while the magnetic grille can be painted.

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