Lenbrook International And OraStream Announce Integration Agreement

enbrook’s BluOS high resolution distributed audio platform to support OraStream adaptive music streaming protocol in North America.

December 20, 2019

Lenbrook International, owner and maker of award-winning high fidelity audio brands and technologies, and OraStream, provider of a high-resolution audio streaming platform, have announced a North American collaboration. The agreement would give OraStream’s customers – high-quality music content providers – unique access to a fast-growing ecosystem of high-resolution music streaming users through “BluOS enabled” products from brands like NAD Electronics, Bluesound, and DALI Loudspeakers.

Based in Singapore and founded by CEO Frankie Tan in 2011, OraStream is an innovative adaptive streaming solution utilizing the MPEG 4 SLS codec that, combined with a purpose-built back office infrastructure, provides content creators, owners, and distributors, with a turnkey streaming pathway to the marketplace. With OraStream, music files are encoded in their native resolution, thereby retaining and preserving the nuances and details of the original source file. A decoder is then used at the listening point to deliver the audio file, adjusting and buffering data to suit the listener’s bandwidth limits and eliminating skipping and pauses along the way, without affecting the original resolution of the audio file.

Says Tan, “Our company led the development of scalable high-res audio streaming which led to the launch of the world’s first high-res audio streaming music service in 2015. Today, our high-quality audio streaming solution is used by a new generation of high-res audio streaming services with more announcements anticipated as we move forward. We are on the next phase of extending our high-quality audio streaming solution into wireless home audio devices and are extremely pleased to collaborate with Lenbrook’s BluOS high-res audio platform in this endeavour”.

Based near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The Lenbrook Group is a global business development organization with a deep history in brand, distribution and network development. In 2012 Lenbrook launched their proprietary and innovative high-resolution music management and streaming platform known as BluOS. While Lenbrook built this platform for Bluesound (its award-winning hi-res streaming and distributed audio product for audiophiles) the company is also using BluOS to modernize its legacy audio brands, NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers.

In 2017, Lenbrook announced that it would open its BluOS protocol to 3rd party premium audio brands with a goal of creating an ecosystem that could become a “defacto standard” for the audiophile community and other vertical markets that highly value streaming high-resolution music.

“The growing recognition of the BluOS operating system in the audiophile world is a result of an unwavering commitment about what the high-resolution audio listening experience can offer to music lovers” explained Lenbrook’s CEO, Gordon Simmonds. “The amazing and modern hi-fi brand called Bluesound was born on this engine and the platform is being opened to other global premium audio brands like DALI Loudspeakers (Denmark) and Monitor Audio (UK). These brands are choosing to be part of an open ecosystem that offers a broad array of unique audio solutions to music lovers that truly care about what they listen to in their home.”

Together, as two leaders in lossless streaming, the OraStream and Lenbrook partnership will see BluOS Enabled devices become the first and largest ecosystem of home audio equipment to support the OraStream platform. As OraStream continues to develop a roster of content providers that are keen to deliver the highest quality of content that streams straight into the home listening room, Lenbrook will be able to quickly and efficiently offer BluOS users access to these unique content streams. The first content collaboration on the OraStream platform in BluOS will be live in the North American market in Q1 2020.