Elite ProAV®'s Pro Frame Thin UST Rejects Ceiling And Ambient Light For Ultra Short Throw Projectors

New Pro Frame Thin UST Features Elite ProAV's EDGE FREE® Design as a 100" (PFT100H UST) and 120" (PFT120H UST) Size with StarBright CLR® Ceiling Light Rejecting® Material

December 27, 2019

ProFrame ThinUST Application


Create a larger than life video display with a minimal footprint. The Pro Frame Thin UST rejects the washout effects of ambient light and has received the CLR® designation for its ability to reject the glare from overhead (ceiling) light sources.

? StarBright CLR® Ceiling Light Rejecting® material absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting
? EDGE FREE® Design features internal framework with wrap-around screen material
? LED Back-Lighting Kit is included with IR remote control