2019 Finishes With DVD And Blu-ray Disc Releases Up

January 14, 2020

Preliminary format release results for 2019 show increases in release unit counts for both DVD and Blu-ray, while the 4K Ultra HD number remained as nothing more than a studio high-profile theatrical release blip. It should be noted that the DVD count will rise slightly in the weeks ahead as stranglers are tracked down and posted. The Blu-ray number is pretty close to the market and the 4K Ultra HD count is firm. The DVD release unit count for 2019 currently stands at 10,866 new releases, that is a 2.47 percent increase over the 2018 posting of 10,604 new DVD titles. This rise in output is generated by the ever-increasing use of on-demand publishing MOD (manufacture on demand), which now outpaces traditionally replicated discs by a factor of 64.5 percent MOD to 35.5 percent replicated (7,006 titles versus 3,860). The MOD/replicated ratio flipped in 2018 for the first time when MOD releases outpaced traditionally replicated DVD product offerings by 51.8 percent to 48.2 percent (5,491 versus 5,112). This trend is expected to continue as MOD publishing for DVD products will continue to mirror the book publishing business for soft-cover books (especially from 48-hour turn-around will become the norm for the majority of titles released on DVD in the coming years … cheap, simple and effective.

DVD Release Activity Standard Replication & MOD Release Activity

DVD Standard Replication Title Activity: W/E 12/31/19 Total 205,352 + 209 Net Change

DVD MOD Replication Title Activity: W/E 12/31/19 Total 23,900 +  2010 Net Change

DVD Combined DVD: W/E 12/31/19 Total 229,252 + 2219 Net Change


Blu-ray Disc Release Activity Standard Replication & MOD

Blu-ray Standard Replication Title Activity: W/E 12/31/19 / Total 21,796 + 59 Net Change 

Blu-ray MOD Replication Title Activity: W/E 12/31/19 / Total 2,573 + 17 Net Change

Combined Blu-ray: W/E 12/31/19 / Total 24,369 + 76 Net Change


4K Ultra HD Release Activity Standard Replication

4K Ultra HD Title Release Activity: W/E 12/31/19 / Total 615 + 0 Net Change