Stewart Filmscreen Announces Balón Edge UST Worldwide

February 10, 2020

Stewart Balo?n-Image



Stewart Filmscreen, the premiere projection screen manufacturer and a minority woman-owned technology company, announced today that they are releasing an UST (Ultra Short Throw) screen worthy of the Stewart name. Balón Edge UST is immediately available worldwide. 

“We have listened to the market, and we are now offering a truly premium UST projection screen,” said Mary Stewart, CEO and Owner of Stewart Filmscreen. “I am excited to tell the channel that we have expanded the wildly successful Balón series, now with a stunning ambient light rejecting UST solution! Our UST screen material is extremely high performing and meets all of our comprehensive quality specs. Our framing systems are tried and true, and they are the best built frames in the industry.” Stewart continued, “We utilize Stewart’s S-hooks and shock cord attachment to the frame, lending a product that is flat and wrinkle free — a strong preference for many installers. Our sweet spot has always been custom projection screen manufacturing, and now we are able to deliver a stunning UST solution to complement our many projection screen solutions.”  

Stewart’s Balón Edge UST is competitively priced and is available effective 2/10/2020 in the United States and worldwide. Balón Edge UST is a semi-flexible, optically engineered, high contrast ALR screen system for use with ultra short throw (UST) focal length projectors. Compactly packaged and low cost to ship, Balón Edge UST is available in diagonals up to 120 inches and offered with a light deadening, Velux frame which is super secure and easy to mount to any wall. For about 50% less, Balón Edge UST exceeds the size and performance of a typical flat screen monitor or LED-backlit LCD screen.

For more information, visit Stewart Filmscreen or contact your local dealer here.