Sim2 Exclusive Seminars

May 11, 2020


We would like to remind that we are approaching the SECOND SIM2 TECH WEBINAR  presented by Domenico Toffoli, R&D director of Sim2.

This week the topics presented will be about the  tech presentation of the flagship Sim2 models, including the famous DUAL HDR PROJECTION SYSTEM. 

Here below the calendar and title of the webinars, please click on the links below to register.
Every webinars has been organized in two different days and times in order to better match the various time zone of every attendees.
The new flagship Sim2 projector models and the unique concept of the DUAL HDR projection system

By Domenico Toffoli - Sim2 R&D Director 

Wednesday, May 13th  -  6 pm

Thursday, May 14th  -  9 am
(central europe time zone)

Sim2  introduced a new concept  for a real optical HDR into the market: the DUAL HDR projection system. It is a dual stack based on 2 DIFFERENT projectors that give 2 different contributions to the image quality, capable of expanding the dynamic of the video image.

Domenico Toffoli, SIM2 R&D Director, will present the fundamentals of this unique concept and its applications.
He will present also the key features of the new signature model:  NERO4S GOLD SERIES, a high end home cinema projector better ... than the best.
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Domenico Toffoli graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Padua.
In SIM2 he has been dealing with video projection since 1991, since that time he is the R&D and has participated in the entire development of video and graphic projection that has taken place so far.
He has been dealing with HDR since 2007, since SIM2 started a collaboration on HDR monitors with Brightside and Dolby.
In recent years he has dealt with the transfer of HDR technology to video projection.
He is member of the Internationa Commity for Display Metrology (SID-ICDM) and of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI-IEC) for display standards.



The demand for bigger size TVs: a huge new business opportunity for the UST projectors. The Sim2 unique proposition

By Massimo Zecchin - Sim2 Sales Director 

Tuesday, May 19th  -  6:00 pm  (central Europe time zone)

Wednesday, May 20th  -  9:00 am  (central Europe time zone)

In the AV market, there is a growing request for televisions with a size bigger than usual, exceeding the 85" diagonal.
But the extra large TVs create big problems to the installers: the logistic is a nightmare, there are big  risks to crash them during the installation, the price is still very high, the margins are low.
On the other side the impact of these  extra large screens on the interiors is dramatic. Architects and Interior designers do not like them as they affect the looking of the room. It is almost impossible to hide them  inside furniture or other systems. Without mentioning the problems of the after sales service. 
Moreover the competition is high with products that do not allow any add value or differentiations by the integrators.
The consumers' wish is to have screens bigger and bigger but displays smaller and smaller.

The new Ultra Short Throw projection technology offers the best solution to offer extra large TV to the market: small and light weight devices capable to produce an image  bigger than 110", that,  positioned in the same place where a TV was supposed to be,    can be easily integrated in the interiors.
- Which are the benefits of this new projection technology ? 
- Where could such a products be installed ?  
- Which add value can integrators add into their proposition ? 

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