The 8K Ecosystem Is Here: Is It Time To Embrace 8K?

Join the Webinar on September 15, 12 pm EDT

September 4, 2020

The 8K Association (8KA), the cross-industry group focused on facilitating the growth of the 8K ecosystem, has developed a report that assess the state of the 8K ecosystem from Lens-to-Living room. On September 15 at 12 pm EDT, Executive Director Chris Chinnock will conduct a webinar to review the findings of the report.

Many in the industry may be asking "Is it Time to Embrace 8K?" This webinar is designed to help provide some answers to this question no matter where you sit in the lens-to-living room ecosystem. The presentation will review the state of the 8K ecosystem including the benefits of higher resolution capture, 8K workflows, new codecs and distribution options and 8K displays. The full text-based report will be released for free after the webinar.

?Note: this webinar does not include market forecasts but is designed to identify the status of 8K development, identify challenges to the roll out of 8K and point to trends and solutions that will solve these challenges.

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Contact: Chris Chinnock, Executive Director, 8K Association,