Audio Excellence Updates The Vertex 3

October 9, 2020

Following the update to the Vertex 2, Audio Excellence has updated the Vertex 3, the company's flagship.

So, what is new?

1) The front grille is now of the same width and height as the box
2) The width has been increased to 55 cm

This increased width allows the Vertex 3 to visually match our Raijuu 2 subwoofer.

Now, the Raijuu 2 and the Vertex 3 can be stacked vertically for an optimum visual aspect, offering a stunning full-
range system (20 Hz to 22 kHz) capable of extreme power, precision and fidelity.

None of the technical aspects have been changed: The drive units, the series crossover and the horn are the same. So is the performance.

Technically, there was no need to change anything.

According to Audio Excellence, the Vertex 3 has been, since its inception, regarded and acclaimed as a potent, realistically sounding reference loudspeaker
for any application. It is a technical benchmark, anybody having heard it will confirm.